The Alabama vehicle bill of sale is a legal document certifying the selling and purchasing of a vehicular property from one party to another. It binds the transferring process of any type of vehicle into a legal contract and serves as the evidence of the transaction.

Moreover, it also declares that the seller has given the possession and rights of the sold commodity into the hands of the buyer.

How to Register a Vehicle in Alabama?

First, it is important that the owner of a sold motor vehicle or vessel get registered in between 20 days. The registration process is not cumbersome but simple and brief.

If the new owner is registering a vehicle for the first time in Alabama, then he/she should take these following steps:

  • According to Section 810-5-1-.247, the vehicle must undergo through the process of Vehicle Identification Inspection (VIN).
  • The owner must get the form MVT-5-10 filled and submitted by a licensed official.

The next step for the owner is to find the registration place which can easily be accessed at the website of Alabama Department of Revenue, County Title & Registration Office.

Furthermore, the registering owner needs to possess the following things:

  • Liability Insurance.
  • In the absence of a title, the owner can file an application of title replacement at Public Title Portal.
  • The fee of registration. You can consult the Tag Schedule for this purpose.

What Is Included In an Alabama Vehicle Bill of Sale?

The Alabama Vehicle Bill of Sale includes the following points:

  • The purchasing amount paid by the new owner of the vehicle.
  • The certified information of the buyer including the full name and physical address.
  • A complete description of the vehicle which contains year, model, make, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • The certified information of the seller includes the seller's name, physical address. In case of any lien or encumbrance, the release date should be stated according to the given format provided on the line.
  • The affirmation by the seller about every information on the document is true, along with the date of compilation in the given format of dd/mm.
  • Certified Signature of the Seller

A standard Alabama vehicle bill of sale includes all of the above points. There may be some other additions based on the circumstances.

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Every selling and buying transaction of any motor vehicle in Alabama requires a vehicle bill of sale. It legalizes the transaction and can withstand a court hearing being a legal document. Moreover, it authorizes and establishes the buyer’s rights over the sold vehicle.

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