Whenever a private transaction occurs in Texas between individuals or businesses and organizations, they issue a bill of sale.

It’s the document that proves that the ownership of the item passes from the seller to the buyer and that the buyer must pay the amount they have established. The bill of sale Texas form includes all the relevant information regarding the transaction.

Depending on the item that is sold, the Texas bill of sale may need to be notarized, especially if it will be used for the registration of the item under the name of the new owner.

What Is a Texas Bill of Sale?

The Texas bill of sale is the written testimony that a legal purchase has taken place between two private parties in the state of Texas. It’s a comprehensive document so that it can be adapted and used for any type of transaction.

The car bill of sale is one of the most frequently used, but the bill of sale Texas form can be used to sell anything from pets to a TV or an aircraft. You can even use it as a firearm bill of sale.

Every bill of sale includes relevant information on the parties involved in the transaction and the object that is sold. Depending on the situation, some new sections may be included. In some instances, the Texas bill of sale has to be notarized.

It’s either demanded by the state, or by one of the parties involved, as an extra safety measure.

What Are Some Commonly Used Bills of Sale in Texas?

The bill of sale is an extra element of security and makes sure there will be no future conflicts or misunderstandings concerning the purchase. That’s why people use it for many types of transactions, especially if the item they buy has a significant value.

But some bills of sale are more frequently used than others. These are the most commonly issued bills of sale in the state of Texas:

The Boat Bill of Sale

This bill of sale is used for transactions involving a watercraft. Since boats are usually pricey, people want to make sure the transfer of ownership is written down in a formal document. On the other hand, the buyer can use the bill of sale to register the boat.

The Firearm Bill of Sale

It is issued every time a firearm transaction takes place between private parties. Since firearms are a particular class of items, selling and buying them requires some extra measures.

It’s not enough just to issue a bill of sale. The parties involved need to be licensed, not all types of guns can be sold, and the buyer has to be legally allowed to own a firearm.

The General Bill of Sale

This can be used for any type of transaction. People even use it when they buy household items if they consider the value is high enough to need written proof. No matter what type of personal property you want to sell in Texas, you can use this general bill of sale.

The Vehicle Bill of Sale

The vehicle bill of sale is frequently used, as used cars are sold on a regular basis. When you buy a car, it’s crucial to have a bill of sale; it’s written evidence that you paid the price set for the vehicle, and you also need the document to register the car under your name.

What to Include in a Texas Bill of Sale?

Since this is a general document, it can be adapted to every situation and add the necessary information, depending on the case. It’s not a complicated document to write, but you must make sure the information is complete and accurate, especially if you will have it notarized.

The easiest way to create a Texas bill of sale is with an efficient template. Regardless of how you write your document, these are the main elements every bill of sale must include:

  • Full name and address of the seller and buyer.
  • The date of the transaction.
  • The county where the purchase is made.
  • A detailed description of the item, with as much identifying information as possible.
  • The price.
  • Payment details and method.
  • Names and signatures of all parties involved, including witnesses, if there are any.
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The bill of sale can be used for any private transaction in the state of Texas, regardless of the item that is sold. If there are particular circumstances, additional information can be included in the document.

It is a straightforward and adaptable form, but it still needs to be written with care. The easiest way to issue an accurate Texas bill of sale is by using the template created by CocoSign. We offer a wide variety of efficient templates for all types of documents.


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