Making property is easy, but managing property can definitely be a full-time job. Eviction means “to vacate”. A California eviction notice is, therefore, a notice from any landlord to the inhabitant that states any issues for the landlord in California.

It also serves as a written record that the owner notified the renter about the challenges and already asked them to solve the problem themselves. In case if the tenant doesn’t respond, then the landlord can, however, go for any legal action.

What Is a California Eviction Notice?

A California eviction notice is a legal or formal document from the landowner to the tenant. California eviction notice is employed generally in a case when a tenant is breaking the terms and conditions of any rental agreement, and the landlord is seeking to either have the breach remediation or have the inhabitant vacate the property.

Even after the notice, if the renter neither solves the issue nor moves out of place, the landlord can then file a legal case, and the tenant has to respond within five days to the court.

The reasons for this notice may be non-payment of rent or any harm to the property by the tenant or any illegal activity on premises of the property. These all conditions lead to violation of the agreement, and therefore the landlord can go for a 3-day notice to pay or quit.

What Is the Eviction Process in California?

Eviction notices in California are of much importance because eviction laws in California demand all persons residing within the property in question to be served with a proper Notice of Eviction.

If preparation or service of the eviction form is completed incorrectly or not in the slightest degree and therefore the tenant raises it as a defense, the court will dismiss the landlord’s complaint thanks to a procedural defect, and also the tenant will prevail at court.

In California, the eviction process can be of many types depending on the laws. The notices are given according to law, some of which are,

  • 3-day notice to pay or quit, in case of non-payment of rent
  • 3-day notice to solve the problem or quit in case of any violation
  • 3-day notice to quit in case of any illegal act
  • For any domestic violence victim, the tenant is notified at a 14-day notice to quit
  • If the inhabitant is living from less than a year, he is given a 30-day notice to quit.
  • 60-day notice to quit, if the tenant is in the rental agreement from a year or more.

How to Prepare an Eviction Notice in California?

In California, the eviction notice is prepared by some essential details. A step by step guide of the eviction notice is highlighted below:

Identity of the Tenant: Mention the full name of the inhabitant with all his contact details or details that can help with his identification.

Location of the Property: Starting with the city where the property is located, enter all the accurate details of the location of the property, including the house number, building number, and zip code.

Contract Violation Response: In this part, the landlord has to respond to the violation and mention the penalty. Whether he wants to get paid for the damage or he wants his property vacant.

Signature: Add your authorized signature at the end, labeling the line as landlord

Delivery Certificate: Report the date of the document delivery and the details of to whom it was delivered.

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All the discussion above has got us to the point that when the landlords want to terminate any contract due to any reason, that could be non-payment of rent or violation of any critical lease clause, they may give an eviction notice to the tenant and give them options as per the choice of the landlord, either payment or to quit.

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