Teachers are usually the ones writing recommendations, especially when it's college and university admissions season. But sometimes they need recommendation letters themselves. When a teacher is applying for a job, the letter of recommendation for teacher is the best way to support them.

It's a great endorsement document, and it's usually written by the principal of the teacher's former school. For teachers that are just starting their career, the teacher recommendation letter can be written by a professor. These are brief documents, meant to illustrate the teacher's character, experience, and ability to connect with their students.

What Is a Teacher Recommendation Letter?

The letter of recommendation for a teacher is a character reference, an endorsement of a teacher's application to a specific job. It's a testimony of the fact that they are trustworthy and more than capable of educating and guiding young minds.

If it's added to the resume, the teacher recommendation letter increases their chances of getting the teaching job they want. The reference letter for teaching is a straightforward document, one page long, that summarizes the teacher's professional accomplishments, with an emphasis on their ability to connect to the students and to help them get the best results.

Is It Important to Write a Teacher Recommendation Letter?

Endorsements are as crucial in teaching jobs as in any other field activity. In fact, they may be even more critical since the education of so many students is involved. So, every teacher needs a reference letter for teaching, or even more when they apply for a new job.

Not only is the teacher recommendation letter important, but it's also essential that the right person writes it. The most suitable author would be the principal of the previous employment place.

But it can also be the vice-principal or even another teacher. For a starting teacher that has no prior experience or former job, the letter of recommendation for teacher can be issued by a former professor. But generally speaking, a superior colleague or a mentor would be the best choice.

How to Write a Teacher Recommendation Letter?

If you don't know how to write a letter of recommendation for a teacher, the first rule is to keep it simple and to the point. Long and complicated phrases, as well as exaggerated language, are likely to annoy the reader.

It's the substance that matters, but the form is also essential. You want to make sure that your letter of recommendation for a teacher colleague is reader-friendly and efficient, so choose your words wisely and concentrate on relevant information.

The format of this document has the following sections: a letterhead, an introduction, two body paragraphs (or more, if you feel it's necessary), and a conclusion. Depending on the relationship between the author and the teacher, the length may vary, but it shouldn't get over one page.

These are the elements any letter of recommendation for a teacher must include:

  • The date when you are writing the letter.
  • Your full name.
  • Your title and the contact information of your school.
  • Your brief presentation, including your relationship to the teacher you are writing the recommendation for.
  • You can either address the letter to a specific person if you know who will be reading it or use the expression ‘To whom it may concern.’
  • Describe the role that the teacher played at your school and the extent to which they contributed to the community. Mention the essential skills and aptitudes you had noticed, especially when it came to the way they interacted with the students.
  • Choose examples that illustrate their work ethic and how they handle difficult situations or challenging students. Emphasize their communication skills, adaptability, and dedication to fulfill every task. It would also help to mention that they are up-to-date with the current technologies involved in the teaching process.
  • The conclusion should be a reinforcement of your support for your former colleague, and a summary of the main attributes that make them an excellent choice for any selective teaching institution.
  • Finish by offering your contact information, and mention that you are available to answer any follow-up questions.
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Writing a letter of recommendation for a teacher colleague is a great responsibility. It can make a significant difference in their career, so if you feel they are a valuable addition to that school, then do your best to express your support by writing an excellent teacher recommendation letter.

It's not a complicated document; it should be brief and to the point. Be as clear as you can about the teacher's experience and skills, with specific details. And to make sure your teacher letter of recommendation has a positive impact, write it using the template created by CocoSign. All the templates we have are professional.


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