A child medical consent form is important when the child is being accompanied by someone other than their parent or their guardian. It is a critical document that is very important to make sure that a child gets adequate healthcare.

In order to write a minor medical consent form, you need a minor medical consent form template. You can find these downloadable templates here ready to be signed. Keep reading to learn more about child medical consent forms:

What Is a Child Medical Consent Form?

A child medical consent form is a legal document that gives a person (who is not the parent or guardian of a child) the right to seek medical healthcare for the child and make medical decisions.

This form is very important when the child is spending any amount of time away from their parents or guardian (such as in situations involving travelling or babysitting).

Other relevant documents that might be important are:

  • Grandparent consent to minor: ‘Grandparent consent to minor’ are child medical consent forms designed for the specific purpose of a child’s grandparents. These provide a grandparent to make any medical decision for a child.
  • Child power of attorney: A child power of attorney extends the ability of a person to make decisions for a child. With a child power of attorney, a person can also make educational decisions and caretaking decisions in addition to general medical decisions.

When Do You Need a Child Medical Consent Form?

A child medical consent form can be required in a variety of cases, which include:

  • A child’s parent or guardian wants to provide limited permission to another person for medical care decisions of a child.
  • A parent or guardian wants to provide permission to another entity to request health care for a child when the child is under the supervision of the later party (such as in babysitting or daycare).
  • A child is going to be looked after by another group, like a church or a school

What Information Is Contained in Child Medical Consent Form?

A child medical consent form should include a lot of vital information regarding the child, which includes:

Child Information

The child medical consent form should include information about the child for whom permission is being given. This information includes the child’s full name and their date of birth.

Parent Information

The name of the parent or guardian should be provided, along with the signature of the party.


The minor medical consent form should include the dates within which the medical consent permission is effective.


The form should list the full name of the person to whom supervision of the child is being given, along with their contact information. This person will have the ability to request medical assistance for the child.

Background Information

The background information for the child includes the contact information of both the parents (or guardians). It should also include any allergies or past conditions that the child has faced. Additionally, it is a good idea to mention insurance information and preferred hospitals too.

If the child has a doctor of their own, the doctor’s name and contact information can be provided in the background information too.

How to Give Medical Consent for a Child?

The process of giving medical consent of a minor can vary within various administration laws. In general, the process is as follows:

Step 1: Identifying Competent Guardian

The first step to provide medical consent is to identify a party that is capable of understanding the necessity and degree of the consent. Additionally, in order to protect the child to the best ability, this guardian should be present with the child at times of need.

Step 2: Communicating About Past Medical History

The guardian should be made aware of any previous healthcare instances that the child has gone through. Even the minor things such as allergies need to be addressed in detail (and in writing in the consent form).

Step 3: Communicating About Child’s Medications

If the child takes any regular medicines, the guardian should be made aware of these so they can make sure the child does not miss them.

Step 4: End Date of Permission

It is important to mention the date on which the medical consent is ending. In fact, there is a law in many territories which make it compulsory for an end date to be present, otherwise, a minor medical consent form becomes invalid.

Step 5: Signing the Document

Once the above steps have been followed, the parent(s) should sign the document and have it notarized, or sign it in the presence of witnesses. Notarized minor consent forms in the presence of a witness are preferred as they are accepted by all healthcare facilities.

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Minor (Child) Medical Consent Form FAQs

Is minor medical consent form the same as minor travel consent form?

No, minor medical consent form and minor travel consent form are very different things, as the latter provides permission for a child to travel without their parents.

Is minor medical consent form the same as minor power of attorney?

No, these are two different things and the scope of a minor power of attorney is greater than a minor medical consent form. A medical power of attorney also gives permission to make educational decisions for a child.

Is there anything a parent should disclose to a child’s caretaker?

Yes, it is very important for a parent to inform a child’s caretaker about the child’s past medical history and about any allergies the child is facing.

How long does a minor medical consent last?

Minor medical consent lasts till the end date that is specified in the form. This consent is usually given for six months or twelve months.

Who should sign a child medical consent form?

A child medical consent form should be signed by a parent (or guardian), the party to which medical consent is being given, and notarised in the presence of witnesses.


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