A notice letter is a professional procedure to channel information between the colleagues. Mostly, the notice letter is used when an employee decides to resign from a company.

Writing a two weeks notice letter is considered as a quintessential way to convey the message of your resignation to an employer. It shows professionalism and a positive attitude of an employee. It is an efficient and respectful way of concluding your services for a particular firm.

What Is a Two Weeks Notice Letter?

A two weeks notice letter is a formal declaration demonstrating that the employee would resign two weeks later from the day of submission. Depending on the structure of information there can be three types of notice letters:

Type 1: Simple Two Weeks Notice Letter

A simple two weeks notice letter can be used in the following situations:

  • There is not much familiarity between you and your manager.
  • You prefer using a neutral tone.
  • You don’t want to reveal the reason for your resignation.

Type 2: Formal Two Weeks Notice Letter

The formal two weeks notice letter is preferred in the following cases:

  • The company where you work prioritizes professionalism and formality.
  • Show respect for your manager even though you have a formal relationship with him/her.
  • You don’t plan on explaining the reason for quitting.

Type 3: Professional Two Weeks Notice Letter

Professional two weeks notice letter can be used if you:

  • Prefer keeping your professional associations.
  • Want to show a positive attitude towards your manager.
  • Don’t want to disclose the reason for resigning.

Why Need a Two Weeks Notice Letter?

The employee, while joining a company, explicitly agrees to serve a specific notice period when he will leave in the future. This notice period may vary for the different companies and the role of the employee.

Usually, the employees need to submit a two weeks notice letter as a formal notification of resignation. The need for writing a two weeks notice letter arises because:

  • It provides the employer enough time to look for a proper replacement for your position. It saves the employer a suitable amount of time and allows him/her to take the decision of your replacement with discussion and consultations.
  • The employee can hand over the stuff, the status of tasks, documents, files and the associated project knowledge to any other colleague. This assures that there is no abrupt blockade in the tasks or projects which were assigned to that employee.

What Are the Key Elements in a Two Weeks Notice Letter?

The key elements in a two weeks notice letter are:

  • Candid tone of Letter: The tone of the notice letter is straightforward. Address your manager with the main points and conclude it.
  • Expression of Gratitude: Show that you are grateful for the experience you gained while serving the company. It is also helpful in obtaining a positive reference letter when applying for a new job.
  • Personal Contact Information: A wise move is to leave your updated personal contact details, in case the employer tries to reach you again.
  • Assistance in Transition: Propose to assist your replacement with existing tasks that you are working on throughout the period of transition.
  • Leaving on a Positive Note: Leave on a positive note irrespective of your experience.
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A two weeks notice letter is the professional way to let your employer know about your decision of resignation. It clearly conveys the message to the employer and it paves the way for a respectful exit from the company.

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Two Weeks Notice Letter FAQ

How to write a two weeks notice letter?

The brief tips for writing a two weeks notice letter are: initiate the letter by stating your updated personal information, inform about your resignation and last working day, express your gratitude, conclude with your signature.

Is it necessary to state the reason for resignation in your two weeks notice letter?

There is no compulsion for a resignee to add the reason for resignation in the letter.

Is it compulsory for an employee to complete the two week period?

This depends on your employer, as he/she can grant you this time period of work. During this time, the employer can find a suitable replacement for your position.


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