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Save Time

Electronic signatures can effectively shorten the life cycle of most transactions. The time that would have been vested in mailing or posting signed documents are reduced to almost zero when these signatures are done online.

Increased efficiency

In simple keystrokes, whips of a stylus pen and little clicks, you can have your signed documents sent to the other party in a few minutes. Also, the documents can be stored on a secure cloud account for record retention.

Highly Secure

It is a secure method of sending private signed documents to corporations and businesses. By signing online, you can reduce the risks of a stranger tampering with your documents in transit.


This is debatably one of the most important perks of using e-signatures. You can have your documents signed and sent over to your business partners at zero cost.


Some electronic signatures come with a time stamp. Using this, you can find out what time the document was signed.

Environmental Concern

Electronic signature is the way to go if you want to go green. It helps in saving paper and reducing deforestation concerns. Using CocoSign is one of the effective ways of going eco-friendly.

What Is An eSignature?

Going through this article, you might have wondered, ‘what is an electronic signature?’. The word eSignature still looks like a buzz word to many individuals. At first glance, eSignatures may look like tinkering documents with photo editing applications to include one’s signature, just for the fun of it. However, it goes way beyond that.

Just like it is with wet ink signatures, an eSignature is a legally recognized means of approving or giving the nod to a transaction or contractual agreement. This definition resonates with one given by

Electronic signatures have been one of the defining stitches of the digital world fabric. It has stretched the boundaries of the digital world as we know it and made remote work easier overall.

In some climes, eSignatures are also described as digital signatures. However, there might be a few distinguishing characteristics between both. Unlike electronic signatures, digital signatures embed Personal Key Infrastructure (PKI) into the overall signing process.

All in all, eSignatures are beneficial in today’s world as it eliminates all the legwork on behalf of brands and their customers. They are also a safer means of sharing signed documents as opposed to using postal or courier services.

What Are E-signatures Used for?

From remote work to employee on-boarding and student applications, electronic signatures have a wide range of applications. It is also a safe, convenient and effective way of obtaining signatures of individuals. Let us take you through a series of instances where e-signatures can and are used all across the world.

Customer approvals

The final approval before manufacturing is very critical when it comes to custom-made goods. Using e-signs, you can easily capture and store approvals. This also helps you complete your orders as quickly as possible.

Employee onboarding

There is a lot of paperwork and possibly, leg processes needed to be done to welcome a new employee to your ranks. Some of this paperwork includes employee handbooks, performance appraisal letters, among others. All of these documents can be approved securely and quickly using electronic signatures.

Filing tax returns

E-signatures are highly beneficial when it comes to scaling past the tumultuous process of filing tax returns. In fact, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) highly recommends this approach. It is suggested that filing their duly signed returns electronically can help them get a quicker refund.

Legal documents

One thing is characteristic of being in the legal industry – paperwork that relies heavily on signatures. By signing online, you save yourself a lot of time and repetitive work.

E-signature FAQs

Are electronic signatures legal?

Yes, they are. In every regard as are wet ink signatures. In fact, several governments of many countries including the US have signed the Esign Act to ensure its legality. The key features of the legality are about knowing the signing parties, having these parties agreeing to use electronic signatures and ensuring that each party receives a signed copy of the document.

What mobile device is supported?

E-signature platforms like Cocosign are not biased to a particular operating system or device. Indeed, you can use any device to sign documents online. All you need is an internet-enabled device, a responsive web browser and good internet connection. .

Who can use electronic signatures?

Electronic signatures are used in more places and by more people than you think. They are used by remote workers who have to work from home, healthcare professionals who are on virtual health programs and governments who are putting out decisions to the public to sign a petition.

What document types are supported?

There are a wide range of file types you can electronically append signatures to. These files include pdf, Word, Excel and Google Drive files.

If a party to a contractual agreement signs online, are other parties required to do the same?

No. Since both wet ink signatures and electronic signatures are legally binding, both signature forms can be contained in the same document.

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