Rental Receipt

Rental Receipt

    We recognize the need for a perfect way to maintain a record of rent payments. Our rental receipt template is fully customizable for different property types, payment methods, and more. Every detail is approved by leading legal experts to ensure it is legally correct.

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Rental Receipt
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Rental Receipt

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Rent receipts are quite important when there is a tenancy arrangement involved between a landlord and a tenant. Using rent receipts is simple, you just need to download the rental receipt template from here.

You can edit this template to suit your needs. Keep reading to learn more about rental receipts and their importance.

What Is a Rental Receipt?

During a tenancy, a tenant pays rent to the landlord regularly. Rental receipts are documented proof that the tenant has paid their rent for the said month. Rent receipts give the tenant proof of the payments they are paying to the landlord. When the payment is in cash, rent receipts are the only evidence of it.

For the landlords, rent receipts act as a way to track the incoming payments. They can also keep a tab on late payments and any cheques that bounce.

Get the rental receipt template!

This downloadable rental receipt template is professionally created, easy to use, and customizable. It is approved by experts to ensure accuracy in every line. You can use this free template as many times as you want.

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What Are the Components of a Rent Receipt?

Rent receipts have a simple structure and they do not contain a lot of information. The general components of a rent receipt include:

  • Landlord and Tenant Information

    Landlord and tenant information should be inclusive of their name, contact information, phone number, and address.

  • Property

    The address of the property along with the portion that the tenant is renting.

  • Amount of Rent Payment

    There should be a detailed breakup of rent payment, along with any utility fee that the tenant is paying. If there is any amount owed by the tenant, the rent receipt should reflect so.

  • Date of Payment

    The date on which the tenant has paid the payment to the landlord should be mentioned.

  • Manner of Payment

    Manner of a payment describes whether the tenant paid the rent through cash, cheque, or other mediums. Additionally, the landlord can indicate any late charges that are applicable to the rent payment. Optionally, rent receipts may also include the date and amount of the next rent payment as well.

How Should I Use a Rent Receipt Template?

The landlord gives the rent receipt to the tenant once they have paid the rent. When the tenant pays the rent, the original signed rent receipt is handed out to them. The landlord keeps a copy of this signed rent receipt with them for record-keeping.

In order to create the rent receipt, the only thing required is downloading the rent receipt template from CocoSign. After this, the landlord just needs to fill out the information and add or modify any clauses as per their liking.

Why Should I Use a Rent Receipt?

Rent receipts are quite indispensable in the situation of tenancy, no matter the type of tenancy it is.

In case the tenant needs to prove that they have paid the rent, the rent receipts are the most authentic evidence. If there is a conflict in the future and the matter is taken to court, rent receipts act as a concrete proof of the rent payments.

Rent receipts can also be used by tenants if they need to provide the proof of residence in any case. Additionally, they are also quite important for tax-related purposes as well.

For the landlord, the rent receipts act as an acknowledgment of the rent paid. They can keep it for bookkeeping purposes. It also helps in calculating the late fees if the rent is paid partially.

Get the rental receipt template!

This downloadable rental receipt template is professionally created, easy to use, and customizable. It is approved by experts to ensure accuracy in every line. You can use this free template as many times as you want.

Click below to get the template.


As you now understand, rent receipts are quite important when subletting a property. Therefore, go ahead and download a rent receipt template from CocoSign right away. You can edit these receipt templates to fit your needs.

CocoSign also offers other receipts and agreement templates as well. You can browse through the entire library and download what you require.

Rental Receipt Agreement FAQs

  • Are there any applicable laws for rental receipts?

    There are no acts that apply on rental receipts for tenancy less than 12 months. For longer time periods, some areas may apply certain laws.

  • Can I claim a tax rebate through the rental receipt?

    Yes, many jurisdictions allow tax concessions for the rent that is paid by an individual. A rent receipt is used as proof in these cases.

  • What should I do if my landlord doesn’t provide me with a rent receipt?

    A tenant can demand a rent receipt from the landlord at any time. If the landlord refuses to provide a rent receipt, the tenant can give them a legal notice or take the matter to an applicable court.

  • Should I get rent receipts in a long term lease?

    Yes, it is recommended to use rent receipts whenever the payment of rent is involved, regardless of the type of lease.

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