Texas firearm bill of sale is a legal document that legalizes the selling and buying of guns. Every transaction involving any kind of firearm on the premises of Texas will require this legal document. It is not necessary to notarize this document.

It is lawful evidence that a person has sold or transferred the ownership rights of a firearm to another person.

How to Register a Firearm in Texas?

Generally, the locals are not required to provide any kind of documentation for the sale or purchase of a firearm other than the Texas Firearm Bill of Sale. There is no requirement to obtain a firearm license, nor does the state advise that any form of stolen weapon be registered.

On the other hand, the state actively monitors that any unreliable or dangerous individual does not receive any kind of firearm. The state of Texas has a liberal attitude towards possessing a firearm as evident from the following policies:

  • Government agencies are not permitted to intervene or control the regulation of firearms.
  • Government agencies are not allowed to keep a check on the heavy ammunition firearms like assault rifles.
  • Unlicensed parties are not bound to give a background check in order to initiate a sale of firearms.
  • Firearm dealers have no compulsion to obtain a state license.
  • There is no limitation on the number of firearms being sold or purchased.
  • The state does not regulate firearms categorized as unsafe e.g. junk guns.

What Is Included In a Texas Firearm Bill of Sale?

The following information shall be included in the Texas firearm bill of sale:

Firearm Information

This step includes the information about the firearm to be purchased by the buyer i.e.

  • Make
  • Model
  • Caliber
  • Serial Number S/N
  • Cost

Personal Information of Buyer and Seller

Now add the personal information of both, the buyer and seller.

  • Buyer’s and seller’s Information: full name, physical address, driver’s license, concealed weaponry (if any), contact phone number.

Add Signatures

In the end, the buyer reads the statement by AS-IS and provide:

  • Date of Sale in the format of ‘DD/MM/YYYY’.
  • Stipulations of Sale including as-is warranty.
  • Signatures of Buyer and Seller.

It is pivotal to develop copies of the Texas Firearm Bill of Sale. The buyer keeps the original document.

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