Job application forms have become a very important tool in many recruitment processes. Whether you are running an independent recruitment firm, working as a hiring manager for a company, or a business owner looking to hire people, a job application template can help you improve your recruitment process in many ways.

Using a free job application template, you get the information that you need from each applicant in a uniform format. As such, you get to filter applicants without spending more time and energy than you should. With an impressive job application form, you might also attract more people to apply to the position.

What Is a Job Application Form?

A job application form goes by different names, such as job application survey or employment application form. Regardless of how you refer to them, these forms work specifically to help gather information about applicants legally and in a consistent format,allowing hiring managers to organize, compare and prescreen.

What Needs to Be on a Job Application Form?

The first thing that a prospective applicant should see is a set of clear-cut instructions before answering the employment application form. This should also inform them of what they are about to fill out, which parts are mandatory, and basically how to write their answers. For example, you can include instructions for the applicant to write their answers in capital letters or to mark boxes with an “X”.

Next, a job application template should ask for the following:

  • Personal information: complete legal name and preferred name, current address, contact information, date of birth, email address, citizenship or permanent resident status

  • Position applied for: in case there are multiple vacant positions

  • Employment history: current and former employment, job titles and job description, period employment, reason for leaving

  • Education: institution’s name, degrees obtained, graduation dates

  • Credentials: qualifications, certifications and licenses, skills acquired and how they were acquired, trainings undertaken

  • References: name of references, their current job position and contact details, nature of the relationship to the applicant

Some other employment application templates also include questions on preferred shifts, desired pay range, criminal history, and consent to take a drug test. For online application forms, you can also include an option for the applicant to attach their curriculum vitae (CV) or resumes. You may also ask for consent to allow the recruiter to conduct a background check.

At the bottom of the application template, there should be a statement for applicants to confirm that their answers are true and accurate.

Depending on the laws of your state, there should also be a statement asking for the applicant’s consent for the hiring manager or recruiter to process or store their data. With the importance of data privacy these days, it’s crucial to ensure that you comply with the laws on collecting and storing personal data.

Why And When Should You Use a Job Application Form?

When people submit an application for a job position, it’s normal for them to hand in their resumes or CV. Resumes usually include less information than a recruiter needs, however, and a CV typically contains more information than a hiring officer requires. That is why you should use a job application form. With a well thought out form, you can say goodbye to piles of unread CV and say hello to a more streamlined application process.

Use an employment application template when you’re looking to hire multiple applicants or allow many walk-in applicants. These forms make hiring in the service industry, such as retail and restaurants, very efficient. Job positions with hundreds of applicants will also benefit from an application template.

An application for employment form is not recommended if you’re looking to hire for a supervisory or managerial position. Getting a CV or resume from prospective applicants may be more practical to fill in these positions. That’s because usually when hiring supervisors and managers, you would want to see comprehensive details about their employment and educational background as well as their credentials.

Tips for Using an Application for Employment Application Template

When finalizing your application for employment, there are several things to consider. Here are some tips for using a job application form:

  • Make your employment application forms readily accessible.

Have printed copies of the job application form by your front desk or door. If you have a website, make sure to provide an easily downloadable and printable job application form. But whether it be a printed or an electronic copy, you should ensure that the forms are accessible and visible and should not discourage applicants from sending in their applications.

  • Study your local and federal employment obligations.

The last thing you want is to be informed that you are violating data privacy laws like the GDPR or anti-discrimination laws like the EEOC. Before putting out your job application form, you can have it reviewed by a legal expert. Otherwise, you might want to just stick with the basic questions.

  • Add enough space for the education and employment background.

Let your applicants shine by giving them enough space to include details about their previous work experience and the degrees or certificates they have attained.

  • Do not forget to add a signature line.

A signature from the applicant has many purposes, including giving consent and verifying the veracity and accuracy of their answers on the job application form.

  • Make sure the form is standard and reader-friendly.

Use a friendly font type and font size. A reader-friendly form will help your applicants understand your questions and therefore answer with more accuracy.

  • Ask your applicants to write their answers in print as much as possible.

Don’t forget to remind your job applicants to write as legibly as possible. This will not only save your time and spare you from the headache of having to read difficult writings, but will also ensure no filled up job application template goes to waste.


A job application form is ideal if it helps you gather the information that you need in an organized manner; otherwise, it would defeat the purpose of an employment application form. It’s also important to note the employment laws of the state where you are located and ensure that your application template complies with the minimum legal requirements.

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