A Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legal document between two or more parties that legally binds them in establishing a confidential relationship, It outlines the sensitive information that should be made available or restricted access to others by the parties.

The NDA acts as one of the basic legal methods employed by the parties for confirmation of information protection that will be shared by them during the course of the business .

CocoSign non disclosure agreement template can be used by individuals or companies in various scenarios that might be between a company and its employees, two companies working together, and while selling or licensing one's product.

What Is a Non Disclosure Agreement?

The non disclosure agreement establishes a confidential relationship between two or more parties in approval of not disclosing any private, confidential knowledge, information, material, or trade secrets that belong to the parties.

The agreement made by the parties clearly explains what information is accessible and what information is restricted along with the duration for which the rules would be applicable.

The NDA acts among the individuals or the companies in order to protect the information that is confidential or proprietary along with any trade secrets they might possess.

Under any circumstances, the parties who signed the agreement should not disclose any part of the confidential information that is enclosed in the NDA.

Based on the number of parties and information sharing party count involved in the agreement, an NDA is classified as:

  • Unilateral: This is one way NDA where one party shares and the other party receives the information.
  • Bilateral: This is a two way or mutual NDA where both the parties share information with each other.
  • Multilateral: This NDA is made among three or more parties where at least one party shares the information.

Based on the type of NDA, be it a simple non disclosure agreement or any other, one can choose the right NDA template for their requirement.

When Do You Need a Non Disclosure Agreement?

The security of information is of vital importance for every business and its employees. The knowledge, material, and information which is confidential to the company should remain confidential under all circumstances.

To ensure such protection, a company needs to utilize the confidentiality agreement template. As explained earlier the non-disclosure agreement acts as the legal document that guarantees the protection of the information shared among the parties involved in the agreement.

Avail the NDA agreement template, if your requirement matches one of the below-mentioned scenarios:

The employee has access to confidential information

The business information of a company like code, client details, project-specific agreements will be accessible to employees to work on the project.

Such information is highly confidential and the company needs all the employees to sign an NDA to protect the information.

Entering a partnership

It comes to partnership all business details have to be shared before finalizing the deal, so one must ask the interested buyer for an NDA for confidentiality reasons.

Licensing of technology

A developer of an idea or a project during the course of licensing the product, one might need the technology showcased to clients, and the information needs to be safeguarded which calls for the NDA.

Depending on the business and the individual needs, various situations call for different types of Non Disclosure Agreement Templates.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Non Disclosure Agreement?

Confidentiality protection is the primary requirement of the individuals or companies entering a partnership. An NDA assures the safety of data and information, which is the main benefit.

Apart from the non disclosure agreement protecting the information, it has many benefits observed by the parties entering it. The benefits of claiming an NDA are:

  • Information protection, the confidentiality of the knowledge, resources, proprietary data, and trade secrets. The agreement clearly specifies the accessible data and restricted data enabling easy usage of the data by the user.
  • Proper and legal protection of data and the ways in which mishandling can be dealt with.
  • Confidentiality obligations can be customized based on requirements and the duration for which the restriction or access withstand and the termination when needed.
  • The provisions for information breach are included in the NDA, taking legal action on damages and seeking injustice relief and protection from further disclosure.
  • Having an NDA prior during a business merger or takeover discussions enables the parties to exchange detailed information without any confidentiality obligations.
  • In the presence of an NDA, the court will definitely take action during a security breach and sees to that. In the absence of the NDA, the court won't take any action and the company loses everything.

Entering into an NDA proves to be much more beneficial than not having it.

What Are Included in a Non Disclosure Agreement?

The usage of a non-disclosure agreement template is very essential between the companies that want to enter a partnership for working on a project in protecting the information being shared to be not disclosed to outsiders.

An NDA also outlines detailed information about the accessibility of data and the restricted access of information too. A lot of detailing goes into the formation of an NDA.

Various aspects that are included and covered by a non disclosure agreement are :

  • Participants Details: Names and address details of the parties or the individuals entering the agreement.
  • Confidential information: The clear and proper definition of confidential information and access to it. Confidential data can be tangible or intangible also.
  • Restricted Information: The information which will be unavailable should also be specifically mentioned. Precise explanation of the usage of information and the appropriate access and permission requests.
  • Term and Return of information: Duration of the agreement and the process to be followed to terminate if such a situation arises and the steps to prevent the information.

While selecting an NDA provider the parties have to ensure that they check the provision of a free non disclosure agreement template, free from any errors, loopholes, and any misleading information before finalizing the agreement.

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Non Disclosure Agreement FAQ

Are non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements different?

Yes, both non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements are different. Non disclosure agreement is acceptance of keeping the information safe. A confidentiality agreement is more of taking action in safekeeping information

How many types of NDA are there? How are they classified?

Based on the number of participating individuals or companies, who is the sharer and who is the recipient of the information in the agreements the NDA can be Unilateral (oneway), bilateral (two-way), and multilateral.

Can I opt-out of an NDA?

Yes, one can opt-out of an NDA, if the options for such have already been arranged or if both the parties in the agreement accept the decision and terminate the NDA or amend the agreement.

Does an NDA last forever?

The duration of an NDA depends on the situation. If in case of an employee in a company the NDA stays as long as they are part of the company. In other situations, it is valid for the pre-decided term.

How much does an NDA cost?

The cost of an NDA depends on various factors such as the number of parties involved in the agreement and the complexity and type of information(tangible and tangible) that require confidentiality.


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