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Remote Signing

Sign from anywhere, anytime, using a smartphone, tablet, or a computer. CocoSign’s remote signing feature removes the restriction to be physically present at the office or with the other parties.

Secure And Legally Binding Signature

CocoSign employs SSL (Secure Sockets Layering) encryption protocols, the world-class defence against any cyber-attacks. These encryption protocols secure signatures and personal data digitally. Additionally, CocoSign’s digital signatures are legally binding as well.

Sign Word, Document, PDF, And Excel

There are a wide variety of file formats that support CocoSign’s eSign, including Word documents, PDF files, and Excel sheets. The process to sign all of them is the same and quite simple.

Sign the Way You Like

CocoSign offers multiple ways to create a digital signature. Users can draw a sign and upload it to CocoSign, or choose a signature that CocoSign recommends. Any digital signature can be further modified with other signature edit options.

Manage the Process Effectively

With CocoSign the user has complete control over the entire eSign process. There is the freedom to upload a document of any format, choose any signature, and attach the signature at any place in the document.

Extremely Efficient

Using CocoSign is quicker than any other alternative for getting a sign on a document and transmitting it. There is no requirement to print hard copies of a document and it can be shared easily through the email.

What is eSign?

eSign, eSignature, or electronic signature is a way to sign a softcopy document digitally without the need to print the document.

This signature method makes it possible to transmit documents online that require someone’s signature. People can directly download any document through their email or any other medium, sign it, save a copy or send it further to any other intended users.

It is the easiest and fastest way to sign a document as it does not require the constraints involved in signing documents physically.

eSignatures can be done on any document, be it a government form, business document, or any other agreement. Additionally, eSignatures can be done through phone, computer, or a tablet. The only thing required is a CocoSign account and an internet connection.

What Are the Benefits of Using eSign?

eSign offers multiple benefits that lack in the conventional signature method. Some of these benefits include:


CocoSign’s eSign can be done from anywhere anytime. There is no requirement to print the documents or send them through the post. People can directly share the documents over mail, sign them online at CocoSign, and forward them to multiple people together.


There is no need for any additional hardware or software to use CocoSign. CocoSign’s electronic signature works through any phone, tablet, or a computer directly through the web browser.


Most of the reliable eSignature platforms such as CocoSign use SSL encryption along with other security measures to make sure there is no threat involved. Therefore, eSignatures offer no chances of signature forging or any other threat that is perceivable.

Signature on the Go:

With eSign, users can sign even when they are travelling or working on the field. There is no immediate need to be in the office to attend to deals and other work matters. Documents can be received online, signed through CocoSign, and sent back with ease.

Who Can Use eSign?

The use cases of electronic signature apply to any and every scenario where people were using a conventional signature. This is because eSign has become legally accepted everywhere globally and more and more people are switching to it.

Some of the use cases of eSign include:

Business Deals:

Any business deals, regardless of their scale, can directly take place with the help of eSign. eSign additionally removes the costs incurred in setting up the meetings as well as saves the time that would have been wasted in those meetings.

Human Resources:

Human resource departments use eSign for every employee related processes, such as onboarding, employee evaluation, and more. This helps in the easy organisation of documents once they have been signed and verified.


eSigning documents is also valid for any agreement between two parties, such as tenant agreements, service agreements, contractor agreements, and more. eSigns also provide the flexibility of getting the documents approved and signed by multiple parties at once.

eSign FAQ

Will a document with eSign be admissible in a court of law?

Yes, eSigns are legally binding which means that they are regarded in a similar manner as a conventional signature with a pen when it comes to courts.

Do I have to pay to use the CocoSign eSign feature?

No, you can get a document eSigned absolutely free with CocoSign.

How can I create my signature digitally?

CocoSign offers multiple ways of eSign creation. There is the option to draw the signature with a pen, scan it, and upload it to CocoSign. Alternatively, signature can also be drawn through a trackpad or a mouse.

Can I add date and time to my eSign?

Yes, there are many edits and modifications possible with the eSign such as adding date, time, or initials.

Which formats support the eSign feature?

With CocoSign you can get eSign on Word documents (doc, docx, etc.), Excel sheets (xls, xlsx, etc.), and PDF documents.

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