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What Are Those Online Forms?

The hundreds of forms in this category cater to various needs. CocoSign makes it easy to search through its library of thousands of forms. So, if the form you need starts with the letter “T,” you will find it here.

CocoSign is increasingly becoming the go-to solution for businesses and individuals. It provides a sustainable way of filling and sending forms to both signatories and recipients online. Best of all, you can fill and sign the form using any device.

The platform follows the best security standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR. So, your form will be safe online and during transmission. Besides, CocoSign ensures the forms are legitimate by sourcing them from the right authorities and establishments.

How to Fill out These Forms in CocoSign?

The process of filling these forms is a lot easier than you may think. Here are the simple steps involved:

Step 1: Open the CocoSign directory. Here, you can choose forms starting with the letter “T.”

Step 2: Choose the form you wish to fill. If it is not on the first page, check the other pages and then click its link when you find it. CocoSign will take you to another page with details about the form. Click on the Use Forms button to access the form.

Step 3: Now, fill the form using the tools at your disposal. CocoSign provides you with tools that let you add signature, text, email, initials, time/date, and attachments. When you are through, check if the details are ok then click the Complete button.

Step 4: In this step, CocoSign will let you share the form with the recipient or signatory through email. However, CocoSign will require you to log in or sign up. Don’t worry. You can sign up with Google and enjoy 14 days of free service. After providing the email address, click the Send button.

Are These Forms Free?

The forms are absolutely free. CocoSign only charges for the service and the ability to let you create custom templates. Besides, you get 14 days of a free trial when you sign up. Online forms are not only cheap and convenient. They are easy to store and find.

With CocoSign, you won’t have to worry about messing the forms when making changes. Softcopies are easier to edit compared to physical documents.