Job Recommendation Letter

Job Recommendation Letter

    Having a well-written job recommendation letter that highlights all your accomplishments and skills is important, especially when you're competing for a prominent job. A strong recommendation letter can be the difference between getting that dream job or not. Download our free sample template of a job recommendation letter today. With it, you'll be able to create a professional looking reference letter in no time to impress your potential employer.

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Job Recommendation Letter
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Job Recommendation Letter

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Most employers request recommendation letters, especially if it’s a prominent position. Even if they don’t demand one, sending a job reference letter can genuinely help the applicant increase their chances of being hired. You can use a reference letter sample or a template if you’re not sure how to write it so that it can be as efficient as possible.

The job recommendation letter is a crucial element in the selection process, and it helps the employers select the most suitable candidate, by getting to know their qualities from the perspective of former employers or colleagues.

What Is a Job Recommendation Letter?

A job recommendation letter is a useful tool for employers to find the candidate that best suits their company’s needs. The résumé cannot always provide all the information they need, and it’s extremely helpful to know the opinion of people who have previously worked with the candidate.

Qualifications aren’t the only ones that matter, they will probably be interested in the way the applicant interacts with colleagues and clients, how they manage stressful situations, as well as other aspects connected to their character.

Employment letters of recommendation are meant to paint a vivid picture of the candidate’s behavior at the previous job, and of the abilities that they showed. It’s a brief presentation of the elements that make them an asset to other employers.

Who Needs a Job Recommendation Letter?

Anyone who is looking for a new job can benefit from a job reference letter. And in many cases, the employer requests them, to get a better image of the candidates. Whether it’s mandatory or not, a job recommendation letter is beneficial, if it’s well-written and sent at the right time.

Letting a potential employer know you are a hard worker who performed very well at their last jobs can only bring benefits. As for the person writing the recommendation letter for job, they must be chosen with care.

The employment letters of recommendation must come from trustworthy sources; that means that the author must have worked directly with the job applicant and that they were able to observe their performance and behavior closely.

It’s better to choose a superior colleague to write the letter, as the words of a person of authority weigh more in the eyes of a future employer. Before asking someone to provide a job recommendation letter, make sure they only have excellent things to share; otherwise, you can obtain the opposite effect and do more damage than good.

Download Our Free Job Recommendation Letter Sample Today!

Use our job recommendation letter sample as inspiration or use them verbatim if you like. Just fill in your information and send it off when you're ready. Your recommenders will thank us later!

What Is Included in a Job Recommendation Letter?

The best way to make sure the job reference letter will be efficient is to provide the author with a lot of information on the job you are applying for. Give as many details as possible, so that they know what aspects to concentrate on.

As for the format, you can check a recommendation letter sample. You will see that it’s not a complicated document, but it is essential to keep a specific structure in mind. You need an introduction, two body paragraphs (or more, if necessary), and a conclusion.

The final document shouldn’t be longer than a page, so only focus on relevant information and make it reader-friendly. These are the main elements you must make sure to include in your job reference letter:

  • Your name and job title, as well as the company you work for, and a brief description of the working relationship you had with the applicant.
  • If you mention your qualifications, you can show them that you are in the right position to evaluate the applicant.
  • Address the letter to a particular person, if you know their name, or use the general expression ‘To whom it may concern.’
  • In the first paragraph, take the aspects you have briefly mentioned in the introduction and offer more details. Highlight the qualities and skills you think are relevant for the job they are applying for.
  • The second paragraph must offer a more in-depth insight into the applicant’s work experience and professional behavior; this is where it helps to give clear examples to illustrate your statements.
  • The conclusion must bring a summary of the way you view your former colleague, highlighting why you know they are a valuable asset to any serious company.
  • End by offering your contact information and mention that you are available for any other questions they may have.
Download Our Free Job Recommendation Letter Sample Today!

Use our job recommendation letter sample as inspiration or use them verbatim if you like. Just fill in your information and send it off when you're ready. Your recommenders will thank us later!


The recommendation letter for job can help an applicant stand out from the competition by showing their qualities and strengths from the point of view of a former supervisor. Since it can have a significant impact on their career, it’s not a document to be taken lightly.

The best way to write it is by following a reference letter sample and using an efficient template. You can try the job reference letter template from CocoSign. It’s incredibly efficient, just like all the other templates we offer.


Dear [insert name],


I am writing to warmly recommend [name]. They worked with us at [name of your company] in the [insert the job they did] and reported to me in my position as [insert your job].


They were a highly valued member of the team and made a strong contribution during their time here. We put a premium on team players and [insert name] was a natural fit.


S/he displayed an eagerness to learn and a constructive attitude towards feedback. They quickly gained the respect and trust of colleagues and were praised for their reliability and collaborative spirit.


[Insert their name] has a passion for the job that had a positive impact across a number of projects. I would not hesitate to hire them again if the opportunity and the right role emerged. Their background and experience should be a good match for your position.


I am available and happy to discuss should you have any further questions. You can reach me at [phone number].




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