Background checks have become more and more common with people requiring background checks in instances such as tenancy or hiring for a job.

However, in order to do a background check on someone, it is important to have a background check authorization from them. You can read below to learn all about this content form in the below sections.

What Is a Background Check Authorization?

Background check authorization is a permission given by a person to look into their background history. It is important to have someone’s permission to do a background check on them.

Doing a background check on someone without their permission is unlawful in most areas. Therefore, in order to do a background check, make sure you have the background check authorization form properly signed.

What Are Three Types of Background Checks?

The various types of background checks include:

Employee’s (Criminal) Background Check

In an employee’s criminal background check, a job candidate provides permission to an employer to check the candidate’s history. In certain areas such as California, the job candidate is entitled to a duplicate copy of the background check report.

FBI Background Check

FBI background check provides the criminal history information to any individual for their own self. This type of background check shows any criminal records that are added to a person’s history. The cost of the background check is $18.

Tenant Background Check

Tenant background checks are done by landlords and real estate agencies to check for the criminal and credit history of potential tenants. The cost of these background checks is generally charged by the landlord towards the tenant.

What Should Be Included in Background Check Authorization?

In general, the background check authorization includes the following information:

  • Full Name: The full name of the person who is authorizing their background check should be stated in the background check authorization form.
  • Address: The background check authorization form should include the present address of the person along with contact information.
  • Date of Birth: The date of birth of the person should be mentioned.
  • Social Security Number: It is vital for the person authorizing their background check to provide their social security number.

The party that is requesting the background check may ask for additional information as well, such as the driver’s license number or past addresses.

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