We all know that bills of sale are an important thing to be considered while buying or selling any kind of possession. They provide you with a complete record of the buyer, the seller, and the product that is sold in the form of a written document.

Selling or buying a vehicle is not an easy task and proper records must be made while spending or receiving such a huge amount. Vehicle bills of sale are a great choice for everyone.

Although some states do not require a vehicle bill of sale according to the laws, it's always a better choice to consider one.

What Is an As-Is Bill of Sale?

An as-is bill of sale that provides a warranty to the buyer of the vehicle. It is an important factor in any bill of sale. The as-is bill of sale means that the item or vehicle is being sold to the buyer in its current condition, and if any fault or problem is noticed in the vehicle after the sale.

The as-is bill of sale can save the seller from future encumbrances as they won’t be responsible for the vehicle after it has been sold and the title is transferred. The seller will not have to refund or replace any item of the vehicle after the payment has been made.

This provides much ease and versatility to the sellers as some of the buyers demand the damaged items to be replaced even after the sale. So, sellers can stay away from such tactics. No warranty is provided in the as-is bill of sale.

Once the title is transferred and the payment is made, any kind of maintenance, improvements, and repairs is the responsibility of the buyer.

What Types of Property Can Use As-Is Bill of Sale?

Just like simple bills of sale, the as-is bill of sale can also be used for almost all properties. To avoid any scams or future disputes, this bill of sale is highly recommended to buyers and sellers as it provides much ease to both parties after the payment is made.

In some states, the bill of sale is optional while in others it's compulsory. However, it's always a good idea to have one in hand. Some of the properties that commonly use as-is bill of sale are listed below:

  • Cars
  • Bikes
  • Boats
  • Buses
  • Personal Property
  • Campers
  • Motorcycles
  • Gadgets

An as-is bill of sale is usually used while selling or buying motor vehicles like cars, trucks, buses, etc. and costly items, but it can also be used for small possessions. It will always act as a witness in case of disputes in the future and provide ease to both parties.

What to Include in an As-Is Bill of Sale?

The as-is bill of sale is most likely to be the same as other bills of sale. The extra portion included in it is that the owner disclaims any warranty and that the buyer accepts the item in its present condition.

The following are the main points to be included in an As-Is bill of sale document:

  • Date, month, and year of the sale.
  • Seller’s and Buyer’s name, address, and contact details.
  • Mention the transaction amount.
  • Make, model, body type, year, and color in case of vehicle.
  • Odometer reading.
  • Length, width, and title number in case of boat.
  • Verify the sale under no warranty conditions.
  • Don’t forget to get the As-Is bill of sale signed. It will act as a proof that both the parties have agreed.

Some states also require the vehicle bills of sale to be notarized. So, you will have to check your state laws while writing as-is the bill of sale. Once the form is filled and the title is transferred, the buyer has all authority over the possession and the seller owns no right over it.

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The as-is bill comes with no promises or warranties by the seller about the durability of the item. It provides much flexibility for safe transactions and protects both parties from any deception in the future.

Writing a bill of sale is not that easy task, because all the information should be included. Any missed information or part can create problems in the future. For a well-written template, you could head towards CocoSign’s library.


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