To convert an agreement into a legal contract, there is a requirement of a formal form providing details and some of the basic terms. For example, for house property, one party proposes a residential rental application letter to another party to request the acceptability of the proposal of rent.

A rental application may vary from state to state and from person to person, same just like a lease agreement. It provides information about the residential property for rent to potential renters.

What Is a Rental Application?

A rental application is a proposal form of a letter or document between the landlord (or property dealer or agencies) and potential tenants. It states the relevant information about the property rented for the applicants to contact as per suitability.

A rental application template is ideally divided into two parts. One for the landlord and another part for the applicants. The applicants are required to fill their personal details as well as their monthly earning and other important details. On the other hand, the landlords can find suitable tenants through this application.

Why Do I Need a Rental Application?

A rental application is very important and primary data. It helps both the parties, i.e. the landlord and the tenant. To analyze each other and gather proper details about each other, a rental application ensures the following:

  • Provide safety and security: A rental application provides details, which helps the landlord to have a background check of the applicants. It also provides a sense of safety and security.
  • Identity Proof: The documents or information submitted by the applicants, help the landlords to have an identity proof of the applicants. It also helps them to ensure that the person is genial as well as trustworthy. Due to the increasing number of fraud cases, it is hard to trust anyone.
  • Employment Details: Nowadays, before hiring renters, it is very important to know the purpose of their rent, as well as the nature of employment or jobs they have involvement in.

It helps to ensure that the person who is taking the house rent is not involved in some illegal or punishable acts. Additionally, a rent application helps to know whether the person is competent to fulfill the contract further for house or property renting.

What Should My Rental Application Fee Be?

A rental application form charges vary from property dealers to property dealers. It also differs from state to state. You can submit rent application in various ways like:

  • Property dealers or brokers: If you directly try to find rental properties available in your city or anywhere. You will bear the rent application fees if asked.
  • Direct Contact: In case the landlord and tenant directly contact each other without the involvement of managers, a free rental application can be provided just like a free lease agreement by mutual consent of both.

The landlord charges rent application fees to the tenant. It is a way to know if the tenant will be able to bear the financial burden of the loan or not. In fact, the application fees are not refunded even if their application is not accepted.

This fee is generally taken with the motive to cover the background checking charges. Also, the landlord bears other charges for acquiring the tenant. The rental fees should be of minimum so that it does not scare the tenant and appear as a pressure. It should be just a standard fee within $5- $100 per application.

What Are Included In a Rental Application?

A rental application includes various details necessary of the tenants as well as landlords like:

  • Personal Information: The application includes the name and residential address of both parties. It also includes their other details like Aadhar card no. driving license and so on.
  • Monthly or Annual Income: The application discloses the monthly or annual income of the tenant. This information is used to analyze whether the tenant will be able to bear the expense or not.
  • Security Deposit: The security deposit that tenants should deposit at the beginning should also be in the application. It includes the payment terms carried out with the duration.
  • Rental History: It also seeks information from a tenant regarding their previous rental experiences so that the landlord can get an overview of the client’s relationship with the previous landlords and their rental history.

All the information gathered by the application helps the landlord to run a background check of the tenant. It also provides a sense of security.

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The rental application is basically to check whether you are the best-suited renter or not. It gives landlords options to choose from many applications according to their requirements.

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Rental Application FAQ

After Filling the Rental Application PDF, Where Should I Send It?

After filling the rental application pdf, you have to send it to the landlord. The landlord will let you know the status of your application after that.

What Documents Should I Attach with the Rental Application PDF?

It totally depends upon the landlord, what documents he wants to check before choosing the right tenant.


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