No doubt, a 3-day eviction notice is never welcomed by anyone. For tenants, this notification follows up immense frustration and confusion. For landlords, it's always the last option!

However, whatever the situation might be, the whole process comes with a lot of complications for many. Here we are helping you know all you need to about the 3-day eviction notice, how to write, deliver, and follow up this legal notification.

What Is a 3-Day Eviction Notice?

A tenant is served with a 3-day eviction notice by his landlord in case he is caught violating the lease agreement. This document can be issued without any prior warning, however usually, a 3-day notice to pay or quit is generally given in case the tenant failed to pay his rent on time.

However, other complaints can also become a reason for its dispatch like

  • loud and unpleasant sound complaints
  • guests stay at your place, pets in the premises
  • damage to the rental property
  • any other kind of complaint the landlord is unhappy about.

The 3-day notice comes as a last warning for the tenant to either manage the mentioned issue or leave the place within the said period.

Types of 3-Day Notice

There are three types of 3-day eviction notice

In case of non-payment of the rent:

If the tenant fails to pay the rent within the due date, as mentioned in the lease, he will be issued this notification. In this very case, the notice gets the form of a 3-day notice to pay or quit. He is asked to pay the rent in the next three days or leave the place if he fails to do so.

In the case of curable complaint:

The tenant is notified with any clause in the lease he is violating. He is asked to cure the problem, or in case he can't help the violation, he can leave the place.

In the case of incurable complaint:

This notification is issued in case the tenant is involved in any illegal activity, damages the premises of the rental place, or resides with anyone inside without permission. He is notified to leave home with no other option within the mentioned time.

How to Deliver a 3-Day Eviction Notice?

A tenant can be legally served with a 3-day eviction notice by following ways:

Handing over Personally

You can hand over the notification to the tenant personally. In order to do so, always visit the tenant in proper hours. See him at work if you couldn't find him at his residence. However, any individual above eighteen years of age can legally deliver this notification to the tenant.

Professional Services

You can hire a professional server in case you are uncomfortable serving it in person. The process server will handle all the delivery process for you. All the courts recognize this same procedure as the best method to deliver notification in case of non-compliance for informing the tenant of the violation. Choose the best company to do this step for you.

What Is Included in a 3-Day Eviction Notice?

After consulting the laws of the state, the landlord writes this notification with complete details. Here is how you need to write a 3-day eviction notice.

Tenant's Information

You need to give complete and correct details of the tenant. Be very accurate as the notice can also serve as legal proof. It must include:

  • Tenant’s name.
  • Residential address.
  • State.
  • Starting date of the lease agreement.

Reason of Violations

Write the reason for the lease agreement violation accurately.

  • In the case, the tenant failed to pay the rent to add the amount in dollars he needs to pay. Add any penalties you want him to pay for the rental agreement to stay valid.
  • In the case of curable violation, give the tenant a due date until he needs to cure the issue. If he fails to do so in the mentioned period, he is ordered to evict the place.
  • In case you want the tenant to evict the place due to any illegal activity within the premises of the rental property, or any other violation of lease agreement that can cause eviction, he should be given three full days to empty the space and move out.

Landlord's Information

In the last section, add the name of the landlord or agent who is pursuing the notification. Add the signatures in the end. Attach a Certificate of Service to the document.

This Certificate was asked to be necessary by Courts of many States. It is an affidavit that claims the landlord has issued the notification by one of the following methods:

  • It is delivered in person.
  • Or It is delivered to a member of their family/friend living at the rental property who is at least eighteen years of age.
  • The tenant is addressed with a first-class mail.

The landlord should prefer Certified Mail even though he can choose first-class mail. By following the procedure mentioned above, the notification is handed over legally to the tenant, and the deadline begins.

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