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Part 1: What are the benefits of using online forms?

Online forms are more convenient than the normal forms or paper questionnaires that people fill out. This is because online forms can be done at any time that the person wants rather than having to fill them out at the specific moment at which they are given to you. Filling out forms at a convenient time also leads to better answers overall.

Then there is the managing of the data. In online forms, the results generated are sent to the server for processing and analyzing. This is done automatically without any manual work. Online forms are also much more budget-friendly as they avoid the cost of having to print out the forms on paper and then the cost for postage stamps etc.

Online forms can also be tailor-made for different people depending on the answers they give. You can innovate and do some creative editing on the forms which tell the person filling out the forms of your business’s style and what you offer.

Then there is the obvious fact that online forms are much more globally responsive than non-offline forms. People from hundreds of miles away can fill them out and you can send them feedback just as easily via email.

Part 2: Are these forms free in CocoSign?

CocoSign is a software that offers these online forms to its users completely free of cost. For any business, finding a solid template of these online forms can prove to be an issue. Making them yourself can consume a lot of time that you could be using elsewhere. As such, an app that gives you these forms to you and for free is a very beneficial thing to have.

Part 3: How to fill out forms in Cocosign?

As in any other service, you have to follow some steps to get what you want in CocoSign. These steps are all daily simple and straightforward. Even if you are not the most proficient at using computers or mobile phones, you will find it rather easy to use CocoSign and get the forms that you require. The steps that you need to follow are given below.

  • You will have to choose the form that you feel is the best for your work. When you have chosen the form, click on the “Get Form” button to get that specific form. Read over the form and check if anything needs to be added to it.
  • Next you can edit your form to make it suit your liking or your needs.
  • Create your signature and drag it to the bottom of your form.
  • Clicking on the “Done” button will finalize the form. You can print, download and share the form.

In case you come across any issues using CocoSign, you can contact their support team as well. CocoSign support staff is always quick to help.