Are you looking for a house on rent in Wisconsin? Do you want to know what Wisconsin rental application form includes? What exactly would you need to get a house on rent in Wisconsin? If you want to know about all these, you are in the right place. This post will answer all your queries about Wisconsin rental application.

No doubt the rental housing industry greatly contributes to Wisconsin’s economy. It also provides vital housing options for people. If you are looking for a rented house in Wisconsin, you might know that it is known for its agricultural importance in the entire US nation.

Wisconsin state is also popular among tourists due to its breath-taking natural views. Overall, the way of life in Wisconsin is quite attractive for those who have already settled in this state and the ones who are looking for Wisconsin rental application form to get settled.

What Is a Wisconsin Rental Application?

Wisconsin Rental Application is basically a document that is given to an interested applicant who wants residential property on rent. A landlord who has a vacant unit on residential property and is looking for the tenant needs to screen the potential applicants who are capable of paying rent on time.

Landlords need to have a background check on the tenant; in addition, they need to get permission from tenants for doing so. Wisconsin rental application form allows the landlord to get the personal information about applicants who have shown interest in residential property.

With the help of this form, the landlord can know about rental history, credit history, income information, the criminal history of the interested applicants. The rental application form Wisconsin allows the landlord to verify all the necessary information about a potential applicant.

Simply put, it enables the property owner to evaluate and determine whether the applicant is eligible for renting residential property or not.

Once the applicant fills the all required details mentioned in the form and signs it, the landlord now can perform required screening services. The fees of Wisconsin rental application form is no more than § 134.05. Here, it is to note that this application fee is neither ‘earnest money deposit’ nor ‘security deposit’.

Why Is It Important to Have a Wisconsin Rental Application?

Rental application Wisconsin helps landlord in screening potential tenants to check whether they are eligible for a residential lease agreement. Landlords can download this form to present to all interested tenants applying for specific rental property.

Before allowing applicants to start living in your vacant unit, the landlord needs to have thorough information about applicants. Wisconsin rental application form requires applicants to provide personal, financial, and employment information into the document.

Besides, landlords can ask tenants to provide information about their previous year’s tax return. This information will serve as the tenant’s proof of income.

Moreover, this application form is one of the best ways for a property owner to screen potential tenants. This rental application Wisconsin asks applicants about their past evictions, bankruptcies as well as references.

Based on the information provided by applicants, landlords are legally entitled to either accept or reject the application.

Any information related to negative references from former landlords, bad credit history, inappropriate past behaviors such as paying rent late, and other risk factors may be unwelcoming for any landlord.

Thus, Wisconsin rental application is important when it comes to screen the tenants before allowing them tenancy over your residential property.

What Are Included in a Wisconsin Rental Application?

There are several things included in the rental application form that is to be filled by applicants.

Basically, the application form is divided into 5 different sections, including personal information, resident’s history, employment information, credit references, and a section for other information.

In section 1 of personal information, the applicant is required to write his/her full name, address, date of birth, phone number, city, social security number, driving license number, and details about other occupants who will reside in the rented premise.

Secondly, the applicant has to write about the resident’s history. This section asks for the applicant’s current address, duration of the tenancy, landlord’s name, phone, rent per month, and reason for moving to a new house.

In section 3 of the rental application form, the applicant has to fill in his/her employment details. This includes the employer’s name, address, designation, monthly income, supervisor’s name, phone number, and tenure of applicant’s employment.

Landlord also asks for the credit references of interested applicants. In particular, the information required in rental application Wisconsin includes bank name, type of account, credit references such as personal loan, vehicle loan, or credit cards.

Moreover, the applicant needs to write monthly payments for these loans. Before providing the signature on rental application Wisconsin, the applicant is required to read and agree with the information carefully.

Regulations in Wisconsin Governing Rental Applications

Wisconsin state law offers a legal framework to maintain a fair relationship between tenants and landlords. When both parties understand their rights and responsibilities, legal disputes can be avoided.

Prior to advertising a vacant residential apartment, the landlord needs to understand the fair housing laws that govern rental application Wisconsin.

Initially, the landlord can charge only $20 for the rental application form. Similarly, landlords are not allowed to discriminate against tenants based on their religion, race, sex, nationality, familial status, color, or any disability.

Wisconsin state law also prohibits landlords from discriminating against tenants based on their gender identity, income, or sexual orientation. There will be penalties if the landlord discriminates based on any one of these reasons.

Besides, it is the right of the tenant to be provided with habitable housing. Thus, landlords are responsible for taking care of repairs, physical damages, and any defects. It is essential to keep the premises safe for occupants.

Tenants are also informed by landlords to report about any damage and defects in premise within 7 days after they have occupied the rental unit.

Also, the landlord is not allowed to accept the earnest money deposit or security deposit from a tenant unless the landlord identifies the rental applicant to the residential unit.

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