If you are interested in reading about the Florida room rental agreement, then you have come to the right place. If you are looking for who needs this agreement and what are the state-specific regulations on it, keep reading. You will also get to know about the things that are important to include in such an agreement.

What Is a Florida Room Rental Agreement?

A Florida room rental agreement is a legal document that clarifies the responsibilities, rights, and expectations among more than one person living together. This is a legal contract which two or more persons sign when they agree to share rooms or residence.

The Florida room rental agreement states how the expenses of a place will be shared among the residents. Therefore, this agreement helps to eradicate any future conflict that may occur among the roommates regarding any issue.

The Florida room rental agreement takes into consideration issues like rent payment, sharing of utilities, cleaning schedule, storage, and many more. Further, when sharing a property it is important that the people know their rights and responsibilities.

Although the Florida room rental agreement signs things between roommates, this agreement has nothing to do with the landlord.The landlord deals with the master tenant or whoever signed with the landlord in the rental agreement .

However, it is mandatory that the tenant should get permission from the landlord to have a roommate. Moreover, the Florida room rental agreement has an expiration date up to which it remains valid. The roommates can renew this agreement upon its expiry.

Who Needs a Florida Room Rental Agreement?

Anyone who wants to share a room or residence with someone for whatever reason needs a Florida room rental agreement. This also includes a tenant who feels like renting out the spare place at the residence they have rented already.

Most college students prefer sharing the rooms with others. This does not only give them a company to live with but also the roommates share the expenses. Therefore, a Florida room rental agreement makes it easy for students.

Likewise, if someone moves to a new place for a new job or career, they can share a place. Having a roommate who’s already familiar with the city helps the new-ones to know more about the new place.

In addition to that, room sharing allows them to have a good social interaction and activity while living on a lower budget. The expenses that the adults can share include cleaning charges, home health care, and travel expenses.

Florida-Specific Considerations for Room Rental Agreements

There are some specific considerations from the Florida state law for forming a Florida room rental agreement.

  • Under the state law of Florida, the landlord has the legal right to evict tenants from their property. However, there are conditions where only one roommate appears on the lease agreement signed with the actual landlord.

    In this situation, the tenant becomes the master tenant and legal to rent the property from the landlord and sublet. However, there is a strict consideration for subletting a property that the original lease must not prohibit subletting.

  • In order for the roommate to have the rights of the tenant, he/she must sign the agreement with the landlord directly. This way they have a legal relationship with the landlord and not the other tenant. This becomes inevitable if the roommates have severe disagreements among them.
  • If there is no written agreement between the master tenant and the roommates, there must be a verbal contract. Therefore, when the roommate moves in the property, the tenant cannot make him move-out unless a legal procedure is done.
  • The Florida room rental agreement remains valid for its due date. It is important to state the validity term on the agreement clearly.
  • The landlord of the property is not responsible for settling any dispute among the roommates. However, under the Florida landlord-tenant laws, a landlord must facilitate filing the eviction proceedings. This is necessary if the person responsible for the dispute refuses to move-out.

What Are Included in a Florida Room Rental Agreement?

There are some things that are important to include as part of the Florida room rental agreement. These include:

Contact information:

Importantly, the Florida room rental agreement must have the legal name and contact information of the persons signing the agreement. Moreover, it should state the starting date and ending date of the contract clearly.

Security Deposit:

This section of the Florida room rental agreement includes the total amount of security deposit that the landlord demands. It also includes the name of the receiver of the security deposit, whether the landlord or the master tenant.

The security deposit details incorporated in the agreement also include the date on which the landlord receives the deposit. In addition to these, the lease also specifies the amount each tenant pays.

The state law rules that upon the termination of the agreement, each tenant receives the security deposit back. However, the landlord can hold it if there exists any legal reason to do so. Further, only the roommate responsible for the said legal reason gets the deposit withheld.


The Florida room rental agreement states the total rent that the tenants pay to the landlord. Additionally, it includes the breakdown of rent payment for each roommate to pay. This section of the Florida room rental agreement also includes the method for rent payment including the due date.

Food, Storage, and Cleanup:

This section of the Florida room rental agreement forms an important part in order to eradicate any future conflict. It decides on how the roommates share the expenses of food. There are two ways to do this:

  • All roommates divide the food expenses equally.
  • Each roommate buys their own food.

However, a general clause includes that the roommates cannot borrow food from another roommate without his permission. In addition to the food expenses, this section also includes the storage each roommate gets for his/her stuff.

Further, the cleaning of the kitchen is generally the responsibility for anyone who uses the kitchen. This means that after using a kitchen it is the responsibility of that person to clean it.

Cleaning Schedule:

It is important that the Florida room rental agreement makes the roommates decide on a cleaning schedule. This helps in assigning tasks to the roommates without any conflict arising.


A section of the Florida room rental agreement addresses the sharing of utilities among the roommates. An important suggestion in this regard is to include the utility expense in the rent payment.

Eventually, if a roommate doesn’t pay for utilities, the landlord can enforce the tenant to make this payment according to the agreement.

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