Do you want to create a condo lease agreement? It is a very common requirement but not that easy to fulfill without legal knowledge. Condo lease agreements need to abide by local laws and have to be well-written.

Therefore, in order to create a condo lease agreement, it is important to use a condo lease agreement template. You can download this template below and edit it as per your requirements.

If you want to know more about condo lease agreements and why they are so important, you can keep reading below:

What Is a Condo Lease Agreement?

A condo lease agreement defines the terms of tenancy between a renter and a condo owner. In plain definition, a condo is a residential property located in a condominium unit, sharing the rights to a common area of the property.

These agreements are legally binding documents and make sure that there is no conflict later on between the two parties. In case of a conflict, the agreement can also provide a resolution to the issue.

What Is Included in a Condo Lease Agreement?

Important components of a condo lease agreement that should not be missed include:

Identification of Parties

A condo lease agreement should define the tenant and the renter with their name and contact information. There should be space provided for the signature of each party as well.

Lease Tenure

The agreement should state the time period for which the lease is valid. This can be negotiated between the tenant and the landlord beforehand.


The amount of rent and the date of the rent are important to state in the lease agreement. If the landlord intends to charge any late fee for the rent, the lease agreement should mention it along with the grace period (if any).

Common Area Maintenance Fee

Condo owners have to pay this fee to the condo association. Therefore, the landlord charges this fee from the tenant and it is laid out in the lease agreement as well. This fee goes towards the maintenance of common areas such as hallways, parking, elevators, etc.

Renewal Option

Renewal option in a condo lease agreement outlines the terms and conditions in case the landlord and the tenant wish to extend the lease. If there is no renewal option in the lease agreement, the landlord has no obligation to extend the lease.


Including a guarantor in the lease agreement is important. If the renter fails to pay their rent, the guarantor has to pay the rent as well as the maintenance fee that is due.

There can be additional clauses in a condo lease agreement, such as pet policy, drinking and smoking rules, etc. It all depends on the local housing rules and the things that the landlord or tenant deem important to be in the lease agreement.

When to use a Condo Lease Agreement?

A condo lease agreement may be needed if you are a:

  • Condo owner looking forward to renting your condo to a tenant
  • Tenant looking forward to renting a condo
  • Broker facilitating tenancy arrangement between the landlord and the tenant
  • Real estate agency which requires such agreement for its customers

In either case, having a condo lease agreement is quite important when renting a condo is involved.

Why Sign a Condo Lease Agreement?

Signing a condo lease agreement is very important because it defines the rules of a condo tenancy. The landlord and the tenant learn about their duties and obligations after singing a condo lease agreement.

Due to a condo lease agreement, the landlord and the tenant cannot refuse the terms that they have agreed to in the condo lease agreement.

A condo lease agreement also lays out other specifics such as rent and its due date. This makes things clear for the tenant and they know when to pay the rent. In case they are unable to pay the rent, having a guarantor ensures financial security to the landlord.

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Wrapping Up

Condo lease agreements are essential documents when renting a condo. It is vital for these agreements to be written well and abide by the local laws. This is why you need to have a condo lease agreement template ready if you want to create a condo lease agreement. You can download this template from CocoSign.

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