If you are looking for the template for a New York rental lease agreement, you have come to the right place. At CocoSign, you will find many practical templates for your NY rental lease agreements. As rental leases are more complex than other lease agreements.

Therefore, it is important to do complete paperwork correctly. Keep reading to get a better idea about the New York lease agreement and laws.

What Is a New York Lease Agreement?

A New York lease agreement is a legal contract between the landlord and the tenant. It contains all the terms and agreements of renting out a property in New York. Such legal contracts make the rental process more durable and official.

Additionally, the rental lease agreement for NY help maintain reliability and build a trustworthy relationship between the tenant and the landlord. It contains crucial details that bind both the involved parties.

Moreover, the agreement can be of a month to month basis or yearly rental basis. These contain all the specifics including the start and end dates, rules and regulations, pre-decided rental costs, etc.

New York Landlord and Tenant Laws

A city as busy as New York has millions of people coming in and renting out spaces every year. However, to maintain the standard of the agreement, there are certain rent rules and laws in place. These assure that the landlord and the tenants follow

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Some of the laws worth highlighting here include:

Tenant Rights to Withhold Rent:

If the landlord fails to manage the necessary repairs/maintenance, the tenant can exercise his or her right to withhold rent.

Termination and Eviction Rules:

According to the New York state laws, the landlord can legally specify how he would like to terminate any tenancy. For example, a landlord can provide an unconditional quit notice with around 15 days to the tenant to move-out.

Failure to do so during this period will lead the landlord to file for eviction. Similarly, many more set laws provide the tenants' protection rights against landlord retaliation.

For example, if the tenant asks for a legal right such as unsanitary housing situations, he can take legal action. There are laws for just and fair housing rights, termination, and evictions rights, and so on.

New York Lease Disclosures & Addendums

State laws of New York have made it mandatory for all residential lease agreements to contain the following three disclosures:

Bed Bug Disclosure:

The lease must contain the property’s bed bug history. Any property which has bed bugs is not rent-able unless the landlord clears the infestation. While presenting an agreement, the landlord must state the current status of his property. All current and prior bed bug infestations are important to mention.

Operative Fire Sprinkler System Notice:

The rental lease agreement should highlight the status of the rental unit whether it has a fire sprinkler system.

Lead Paint Disclosure:

This is for any building or units built before the year 1978. The landlord must mention in the lease agreement the risks of exposure to lead-based paints. The tenant deserves an EPA-approved pamphlet. Moreover, the tenant can legally demand additional reports about the presence of lead paint anywhere in the unit.

Optional Disclosures & Addendums

As per New York state laws, there are some disclosures and addendums which are not mandatory to include. The landlord can add these disclosures to prevent any future conflicts that may potentially arise. Some of them include:

  • Move-in checklist: Any previous damages of the property are important to include in this checklist. The tenants will know that they are responsible for any new damages they cause during their tenancy.
  • Late Fees or Returned Checks: Landlords can charge late fee charges for late payment of rent. Likewise, they can charge an additional fee for any check that bounces. The lease document must include the amount of these fees. This should not be more than 10% of the monthly rent.
  • Personal details of the landlord: It is a recommendation to add the contact information of the landlord in the lease. Although it is not mandatory, it helps the tenants to reach out and establish communication if need be.

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