An Ohio rental application is important to show the interest of a potential tenant towards renting a property in Ohio. In order to write a professional rental application, you will need an Ohio rental application template.

You will find a downloadable Ohio rental application template here and edit it to suit your needs. Keep reading to learn more about it:

What Is an Ohio Rental Application?

An Ohio rental application is a document provided by a landlord to an applicant looking to rent a property in Ohio. The aim of this application is to seek information about the tenant that the landlord requires.

From a tenant’s credit history to a tenant's background and references, an Ohio rental application can detail everything important about the tenant. Additionally, these things provide financial security to the landlord as well as prove the authenticity of the tenant.

Why Is It Important to Have an Ohio Rental Application?

When a landlord is renting premises to someone, they want to make sure that the person can pay rent on time. If the person refuses to pay rent, it can become financial trouble for the landlord.

Additionally, there are people who do not want to rent their property to anyone who has committed major felonies in the past. An Ohio rental application clears all of these doubts about a tenant by providing verifiable information.

Furthermore, through an Ohio rental application, a tenant can provide permission to the landlord to verify any information that the former provided. Lastly, it also allows a landlord to charge a fee for the application process (limited to costs incurred while verifying the candidate’s credentials).

What Are Included in an Ohio Rental Application?

The terms of Ohio rental application include:

Property Information

The information about the property should include its address, rent, expected move-in date, holding fee, and any pet deposit.

Applicant Information

Applicant’s information should include the complete name of the applicant, their current address, telephone number, social security number, date of birth, and names of any other occupants that will be living with them.

Rental History

Rental history details should include the present landlord, their phone number, current rent, and address. It can also include information about other past rentals too.

Employment Details

Employment details include the current employer, supervisor, office phone number, length of employment, and annual income. If the spouse of the person is employed as well, the rental application can include their employment details too.

Emergency Contact

Emergency contact details can include the name, phone number, and address of any emergency contact, along with the tenant’s relationship to them.

Additional Details

Additional details such as pets information, bankruptcy history, criminal history, and more may be present in an Ohio rental application.

Regulations in Ohio Governing Rental Applications

Some of the rules regarding Ohio rental applications include:

  • Landlords have the right to search for previous eviction cases against the tenant up to seven years in the past.
  • The Ohio department of corrections keeps a record of felonies only since 1990. Therefore, the landlord can access the applicant’s criminal history after 1990 only.
  • The landlord can charge an application fee from the tenant for verifying their credentials. This fee generally lies between $25 and $50. Landlords are not obligated to return this fee, but it is still recommended that they do.
  • If the tenant feels that they were discriminated against, they can file a charge of discrimination within a time period of one year.
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