Massachusetts is a quite populated state in New England where millions of people live as a tenant. Hence, rental agreements become quite important here. It is important to secure the rights of a tenant and a landlord.

Therefore, having proper knowledge about the Massachusetts rental lease agreement is necessary for a tenant and landlord both.

What Is the Massachusetts Rental Lease Agreement?

The Massachusetts rental lease agreement is a written 12 months agreement, signed between the landlord and the tenant. In this agreement, all the duties are thoroughly written and explained which both the parties need to understand and obey equally.

The lease agreement can include various useful information. It can also mention if the tenant is not permitted to use a certain part of the property.

Massachusetts Landlord and Tenant Laws

There are several laws that govern the relationship between landlords and tenants. As per the law, the landlord does not have the right to take proprietorship on the property of the tenant. Before the lease is expired, the landlord has to give the tenant 14 days or 30 days’ notice period.

If the tenant still lives in the property after the expiry date, the landlord can file a civil case to remove the tenant. The judge will provide the date on which the tenant has to leave the property.

By chance, if the tenant violates the judgment, then the landlord has the right to relocate tenant belongings. During this process, the landlord pays the moving fee which is later entitled to reimbursement by the tenant.

The landlord can also change the amount of the tenant with proper prior notice before the end of the term. It is always advisable to make the change in the new term as soon as the agreement ends.

Massachusetts Lease Disclosures and Addendums

As per the Massachusetts law, the landlord has to disclose some specific information with the tenant. Such information includes a move-in checklist along with the identity of any person who is authorized and will be acting on behalf of the landholder. It also includes security depository details.

Also, the details regarding the nonrefundable fees that the landholder will charge, in case any damage caused to the rental apartment.

The addendums are written on the Massachusetts rental lease agreement for a better understanding of both the parties. Some of them are renovation addendum, smoking addendum, pet addendum, lead paint pamphlet, and bed bug brochure.

Optional Disclosures and Addendums

The optional disclosure is the objective to provide specific information such as the financial statement, payable amount, etc.

There are two parts of the disclosure i.e. qualitative disclosure and quantitative disclosure. In the qualitative disclosure, the nature of the lease and the sublease is mentioned. In the quantitative disclosure, the amount which is recognized in the financial statement relating to the lease is mentioned.

It is important to be aware of asbestos and mold disclosure. Before signing the asbestos, one must check it with the local state authority and it must be fully disclosed.

On the other hand, if someone has done the remediation of a mold of their home, then that must be disclosed too. The important dates, addresses, laws, and other important factors are mentioned there.

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Massachusetts rental lease agreement plays a significant role in the leasing process. If drafts properly, it can save both parties from unnecessary disputes. It also clears the terms and conditions between both landlords and tenants.

This Massachusetts rental lease agreement is broken up into 27 sections. Each section specifically describes the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. Hence, getting it drafted properly can be challenging.

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