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California Room Rental Agreement

    No more searching around! Either you’re looking towards sharing your space with other tenants in California, or up for lending your local property to more than one tenant, our free and customizable template includes all necessary terms for leasing a room, legally approved by experts, which makes it a suitable for those who don't have much experience with legal matters.

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California Room Rental Agreement
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California Room Rental Agreement

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Are you looking for details on the California room rental agreement? Do you want to know what things are important to include in such an agreement? Are you looking for reasons why a room rental agreement is important? Keep reading to get your answers.

What Is a California Room Rental Agreement?

A California room rental agreement is a legal document that is signed when a tenant sublets the rental unit. This document defines all the rights and regulations for people that share a rental unit. These people don’t appear on the residential agreement between the landlord and the master tenant.

The California room rental agreement addresses issues like due rent, security deposit, shared utilities, and many more. The person renting a room has to pay the rent to the master tenant or the landlord. It depends on the type of contract.

In California, there exists a concept of co-tenant and subtenant for room rentals. Co-tenants are the roommates that sign the contract with the landlord directly. Therefore, each co-tenant pays the rent to the landlord directly as well.

While the subtenants sign a contract with a master tenant who has actually signed the rent agreement with the landlord. Subtenants pay their rent to the master tenant who then pays it to the landlord.

It is necessary to have the landlord’s signatures on the room rental agreement. However, the landlord is not responsible for complying with and providing the terms and conditions on the room rental agreement.

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What Are Included in a California Room Rental Agreement?

The California room rental agreement has some important clauses to include. These serve to remove the chances of any conflict that may occur between the roommates. These include:

Security Deposit:

It is mandatory to include a security deposit in the California room rental agreement. Importantly, it should include the total amount of security deposit submitted and the person who receives it. Additionally, it should also mention the names and contributions of everyone who shares the unit.


This section of the California rental room agreement should include total rent as per the original lease agreement. The due date for rent and the names and contributions of everyone living in the unit are also included.

Moreover, this section includes the forms of payment and the person responsible for the collection of payment.

Food and Household Items:

This section of the California rental room agreement addresses the issue of food expenses and household items. It can be decided unanimously if these items are to be purchased collectively or individually.

Cleaning Schedule:

This section addresses an important and common need for room sharing. It often gives birth to conflicts among the members. Therefore, it is ideal to include it in the agreement and get it signed by everyone concerned.

The two important considerations regarding this section are:

  • Task assignment to each roommate and scheduling it for a day and a time.
  • Selecting a common day in the week for all roommates to perform their assigned tasks.

Everything regarding the cleaning tasks shall be mentioned clearly in the California room rental agreement.


Living under the same roof, the utilities are going to be divided among all the people living in the unit. It is important to mention how the utility cost is expected to be shared among all. The utilities in this section include:

  • Natural Gas
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Trash pickup
  • Cable television
  • Phone
  • Internet

Additional Considerations:

Some other considerations that might be of importance to mention in the California room rental agreement include:

  • Smoking policy
  • Guests policy
  • Noise level
  • Social gatherings
  • Parking
  • Giving keys to non-residents

When to Use a California Room Rental Agreement?

A California room rental agreement is a tool for property rental in California. It is used when a property owner wishes to lend a specific portion of his property to a secondary tenant.

Additionally, this agreement is used when the purpose is to make the expectations, responsibilities, and duties of the parties involved clear. It proves to be a perfect tool for dealing with issues and conflicts among the parties before they escalate.

Some common scenarios where a California room rental agreement is suitable to use include:

  • When the party rented is committed: A room rental agreement helps settle conditions/boundaries if the party that you have rented a unit to is committed. Being your party’s significant others at the unit 24/7 can be a cause of disturbance to you. Moreover, it can result in more use of utilities.
  • Constant guests: A California room rental agreement can help you keep your unit private and undisturbed. With this agreement, you can decide days on which having parties and causing noise may not be allowed.
  • Dividing household expense and costs: If you want to divide the expenses of the property then a rental room agreement is the best choice. These expenses include the expense of household items, chores, and utility costs.
  • Dividing the tasks: A California room rental agreement is used to divide the property maintenance tasks among the members. These include cleaning tasks, shoveling driveways in winter and mowing the grass during summers, etc.
  • Establishing quiet hours: A California room rental agreement is used when the master tenant and roommates want to establish rules regarding quiet hours. This eradicates conflicts due to noise complaints in the future.

Why Are Room Rental Agreements Important?

A room rental agreement is important to protect the tenant’s rights. This is done in a situation where the main tenant subleases the property/a portion of it to secondary tenants.

Moreover, a room rental agreement helps set the boundaries before the roommates move in. Deciding upon terms that work for all the parties involved is useful. It helps eradicate the chances of future conflicts occurring among the members.

Also, it addresses all the main issues to make the expectations clear. The members are assigned their due responsibilities which they have to fulfill.

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Download this simple document to get started renting rooms in CA. Designed with simplicity, our reliable room rental template allows you to manage the terms of your rental speedily.

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Now, you have read about the California room rental agreement. Likewise, you read about the importance of these agreements and clauses that can be included in them.

If you want to get a California room rental agreement, you can get the template from CocoSign very easily. For that, you can visit the CocoSign website to browse through the immense collection of templates.




On ______________________, 20____, we, the tenant(s) named below, signed a lease agreement for the residential property at the address listed below. By entering into this   roommate agreement, we hope to ensure that rental responsibilities will be understood   and shared by all roommates as described in this agreement.

This Roommate Agreement (the Agreement” ) is made by and between                          _____________________[tenant 1], _____________________[tenant 2],,                     and_____________________[tenant 3], for the residential property at                            ______________________________________________________________[property address]. We are entering into this Agreement in order to identify the rights and             responsibilities of each tenant during the course of the lease agreement.

This Agreement runs concurrently with the lease agreement for the residential property, which is effective from ______________________, 20____, to


1.  SECURITY DEPOSIT: The total security deposit amount that we paid the landlord for the residence as required by the lease agreement is ____________________        dollars ($_______________), which was paid to                                                               __________________________[landlord or name of roommate responsible for           payment] on ______________________, 20____. Individually, we each paid a portion of the security deposit as follows:


_____________________[tenant name] _____________________[tenant name] _____________________[tenant name]

$_________________ [amount]

$_________________ [amount]

$_________________ [amount]


Rent must be paid in the form of _____________________ [indicate form such as         cash , check , etc.] to __________________________[landlord or name of roommate responsible for payment]. The rent is due on the ____ day of each month.

3.  HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES: A single ledger (with item description, cost, and date of  purchase) will be kept listing all household supplies purchased by each roommate. The supplies may include such things as paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning fluids, dish      detergent, foil, plastic trash bags, scrub brushes, and any other goods needed for the   home which will be shared by all roommates. The purchaser of household supplies will be entitled to reimbursement from the other roommates.

4.  KITCHEN USE AND CLEAN-UP: (check one)

     Food expenses will be shared equally by all roommates.

     Food will be purchased by each roommate individually.

Food may not be borrowed without the purchasers approval. Each roommate will have _______________ storage space for his/her groceries. Roommates may choose to      share in meal preparation and clean up. Each roommate will clean up the kitchen after his/her use.

5.  PERSONAL PROPERTY: All tenants agree to not use or borrow other roommates personal item(s) without the approval of the roommate who owns the property. Any      exception(s) to this rule will be clearly stated and agreed upon, and the roommate who owns the property retains the right to change his/her mind about sharing his/her           property. Any personal property that is borrowed will be used respectfully and returned in the same condition. If any damage is done to a roommates personal property, the   roommate(s) responsible for causing the damage will compensate the roommate who  owns the personal property for his/her loss.

6.  CLEANING: Each roommate agrees to share the responsibilities of cleaning and maintaining the residence, which may include dusting, vacuuming, emptying trash,  mopping/sweeping floors, cleaning bathrooms, and other duties.

7.  CLEANING SCHEDULE: (check one)

     Each roommate agrees to the attached cleaning schedule (attach cleaning schedule). The schedule indicates when each roommate will complete his/her      assigned cleaning and maintenance duties.

     All roommates will work together [“at a designated time”] to clean/maintain the residence.


8. ADDITIONAL AGREEMENT TERMS: (The following items have been known to     occasionally cause conflict between roommates. If any of the following might become an issue, present a problem, write out any needed additional agreements and attach.)

Smoking/alcohol/drugs Parking Overnight guests

Cleanup after parties/guests Sound system use Behavior of guests Phone messages Keys Shared areas (bathrooms)

Quiet hours for studying and sleeping



The following services have been arranged and paid for as follows:



Account in Name of

Amount of Deposit

Deposit Paid By

How Bill Shared

Name Roommates

Responsible for



























Cable TV

























10. GOVERNING LAW: This Lease shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California.


11. MEGANS LAW: Notice: Pursuant to Section 290.46 of the Penal Code, information about specified registered sex offenders is made available to the public via an Internet  Web site maintained by the Department of Justice at                Depending on an offender's criminal history, this information will include either the          address at which the offender resides or the community of residence and ZIP Code in   which he or she resides.

This Agreement represents the complete and final understanding of the roommates   intent. All preliminary discussions and negotiations by the roommates are merged into and superseded by this Agreement. Any modification to this Agreement must be in     writing, signed by all roommates.

We, the undersigned, agree to the above terms.





This Flood Disclosure Addendum is made part of the lease agreement dated                   _________________, 20____, by and between _________________ (“Landlord ) and   _________________ (“Tenant” ) for the property located at _________________, City of

State of California.

Per Section 8589.45 of the Government Code, the Landlord is required to provide any and all information if the rental property is at risk of flooding as deemed by the State of California.

The Landlord hereby discloses the following: (initial)

____ - The Landlord has NO KNOWLEDGE that the rental property is located in a special flood hazard area of an area at risk to potential flooding;


____ - The Landlord IS AWARE and discloses to Tenant the rental property is located in a flood hazard area or an area that has a high risk to potential flooding. Under State law, the Landlord can declare they have actual knowledge of a flooding hazard on the rental property if one (1) of the following are true:

    The Landlord currently holds flood insurance on the rental property;

    The Landlord has received notice from a public, government, or equivalent    agency that the rental property is located in a special flood hazard zone or an area of potential flooding; or

    The Landlords mortgage holder requires the Landlord to carry flood insurance.

The Tenant has the right to seek information about hazards, not limited to flooding, that may affect the rental property from the Office of Emergency Services at the web            address of

It shall be known that the Landlords insurance does not cover the loss of the Tenant’s   personal possessions or for any relocation expenses. Any losses would be the sole        responsibility of the Tenant. Therefore, the Tenant should consider purchasing their own insurance to cover these items. The Landlord does not need to provide any additional    information concerning the potential of flood hazards on the rental property.

The following parties have reviewed the information about and certify, to the best of their knowledge, that the information provided by the signatory is true and accurate.

Tenants Signature ___________________________ Date ________________    Landlords Signature ___________________________ Date ________________

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