Colorado laws make it vital for landlords to provide tenants with a lead-based paint disclosure while leasing out a property. In order to provide this disclosure, using a lead-based paint disclosure form is necessary.

You can find a downloadable Colorado lead-based paint disclosure form here. There are also other details concerning these forms that can be very useful to know. Read below to know more about lead-based paint disclosure form and why it is necessary:

What Is a Colorado Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form?

A lead-based paint disclosure form is a document that is mandatory for the landlord to provide to the tenant with the lease agreement if the leased property was constructed prior to 1978.

A lead-based paint disclosure form provides information about whether any lead paint was used in the construction of the building. This is a federally mandated disclosure in all states of the United States, including Colorado.

Colorado laws also mandate it for the landlord to provide the tenant with a copy of the pamphlet ‘Protect Your Family from Lead In Your Home’.

What Are the Components of a Colorado Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form?

The components included in a lead-based paint disclosure form are:

Lead Warning Statement

A lead warning statement acknowledges the fact that the units built prior to 1978 may have lead-based paint in the construction. It also informs about the dangers that lead-based paint may pose towards the inhabitants, especially pregnant women and children.

Knowledge of Lead-Based Paint

The form should state if the landlord has any knowledge of the lead-based paint in the building or not. In case the landlord has such knowledge, they may further explain the extent of lead-based paint and its presence.

Records and Reports

The form should also detail if the landlord has any records and reports regarding lead-based paint or not. In case the landlord has such documents, they should provide them to the tenants as well.

Tenants Acknowledgements

The tenant’s acknowledgments should include that the tenant has read the form and understands it well. Further, it also acknowledges that the tenant has received the records and reports that are mentioned in the form.

Lastly, the tenants also agree to the fact that they have received a copy of the pamphlet ‘Protect Your Family from Lead In Your Home’.

Why Is It Importance to Use a Colorado Lead-Based Paint Disclosure?

Lead-based paint is very harmful to human life, particularly young children and pregnant women. It was common for lead-based paint to be used in the construction of housing units.

Due to the harmful effects of lead-based paint, US regulations prohibited the use of such paint for any residential or commercial paintwork. However, these regulations came later and lead-based paint was found quite commonly in buildings constructed prior to 1978.

Therefore, federal laws require landlords to inform tenants if the property they are leasing has any lead-based paint evidence on it.

After receiving the information, the tenant can make an informed decision about whether they want to lease the unit or not. Additionally, they can also take the necessary precautions to keep themselves and their family members safe.

Regulations and Responsibilities in Colorado

Some of the related rules and regulations in Colorado are:

  • Colorado laws require all the real estate professionals in the state to use lead-based paint disclosure form whenever they sublet or renovate a property.
  • Congress has passed the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act in 1992 to protect the residents from lead exposure through paint and other media.
  • The landlord should keep the signed lead-based paint disclosure form with them for a minimum period of three years after leasing a property. Additionally, it is recommended that the landlords keep this form for at least three years after a tenancy ends.
  • Landlords should provide the tenant with the pamphlet titled “Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home”.
  • If a landlord fails to comply with the lead-based paint disclosure and regulations, they might have to pay a fine up to $16,000.
  • In case a tenant suffers from an injury related to lead-based paint, the real estate professional can face damages up to three times the cost of the injury.
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