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Employment Verification Letter

    Employment verification letters feature as proof under cases that require evidence of an individual’s employment record. We have a specially designed employment verification letter template for our users with conclusive details such as position, salary, contact information, etc. This can save you from seeking unnecessary legal services.

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Employment Verification Letter
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Employment Verification Letter

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An employment verification letter is essential to confirm the tenant’s income while applying for rental property. The landowners use this employment verification to quickly and effortlessly authenticate the income of each renter.

Generally, an authorized representative of a prospective renter’s employer signs the employment verification form. The letter provides necessary information about employment status, income arrangement, salary, and many more.

What Is an Employment Verification Letter?

An employment letter for rent refers to the proof of the tenant’s income letter. The letter of employment is beneficial for verifying the employment history and income status of the tenant.

An income verification letter is compulsory because some of the renters lie about the company in which they work. So, the landlords use it before signing the legal document to protect them from fraud or any dispute.

Generally, it’s the third party to review an employment verification form. So, it is essential to treat it as formal documentation. After sending the verification letter to the landlord, the tenant should confirm whether the letter was satisfactory.

The employment verification template shows the firm logo along with the contact information of the company. A good employment letter for the apartment is the one, which displays what the job title of the employee is.

The tenant could face serious consequences if they failed to provide proof of their income status before agreeing to tenancy. Of course, completing the income verification does not give 100% guarantee the renter will pay their rent on time. But signing a lease agreement without getting the proof of employment status is not less than a disaster.

Download Our Employment Verification Letter Template

Don’t be afraid of creating an employment verification letter to prove your employment status to your landlord. Our comprehensive, legally binding employment verification letter template and simplify your work!

Access our FREE Employment Verification Letter template from here.

What Are Included In an Employment Verification Letter?

  • Date: There must be a date at the top of the employment verification letter.
  • Employer Name: The letter should include the name of the employee. The tenant should write their name at the top of the rental verification letter.
  • Employer Address: The company name or workplace address is essential to include while writing the employment verification letter. After mentioning the company’s address, it is beneficial to insert a subject line, which states the purpose of the letter. Instead of a comma, you should use a colon as it seems to be more formal.
  • Position: The letter of employment for renting rental letters includes the job title of the employee.
  • Salary: Before you include financial information, it is necessary to consider whether it is essential for the renter’s purpose. If the landlord wants to check the financial status of the renters, then you should provide your salary status.
  • Contact Information: The letter of employment for the landlord should include the contact information of the tenant. Additionally, if possible, you can provide the contact number of the company in which you are working. It will help the landlord to ask whether the letter signed is true or not.

Who Needs an Employment Verification Letter?

  • A former employee can request an employment verification letter, which certifies their salary. It serves as a common prerequisite to authenticating that an individual has enough income to make monthly payments.
  • A landlord may need a rental verification letter while renting an apartment if the rent surpasses a certain amount.
  • Employees need the income verification letter for financial institutions and landowners if they are trying to rent a home.
  • Sometimes, proof of employment letter for an apartment is necessary for insurance reasons. It is because the form assures that an individual works at a company and can pay rent timely.
  • An approaching employer needs to approve the data provided by the employee on their job application. In that case, an employment verification letter for an apartment is essential. A new employer can request verification to ensure that the owner is truthful about the position and salary.
  • The employee is applying for a loan, credit card, and the moneylender wants to confirm they can hold the repayments. A verification letter is beneficial to ensure the lender that the employee is capable of maintaining the settlement.
  • Even for the immigration and other visa purposes, the verification letter is beneficial.

How To Verify Proof of Employment Letter?

A proof of the letter is the last step taken by a landlord before signing a lease agreement. Employees must attach at least two proofs of their income documents along with verification letters. The tenants can attach following documents as a proof of income status:

  • Wage and tax statements
  • Paystubs
  • Bank statements
  • Tax returns
  • Social security proof of income
  • A worker’s compensation letter

Additionally, the tenants can have their employment letter for the landlord accredited by a notary public. Certifying the employment verification letter confirms legitimacy and complements an extra layer of trust.

Sometimes, it’s easy for the landlord to call the tenant and verify the employment status. Verifying the employment and salary of the tenant can provide the landlord with peace of mind. The landlords can assure that the renter will pay the rent timely on their lease property.

The landlord can ask numerous questions about the income status of the tenant and promotion. Along with it, the landowner can ask from which date the tenant is working for the company.

The landowner can check the company address mentioned in the employment verification letter for an apartment online. It will confirm if the tenant is serious and truthful with the letter or not.

Download Our Employment Verification Letter Template

Don’t be afraid of creating an employment verification letter to prove your employment status to your landlord. Our comprehensive, legally binding employment verification letter template and simplify your work!

Access our FREE Employment Verification Letter template from here.


It’s the responsibility of the landlord to screen the tenant before signing a lease agreement properly. The employment verification letter is one such crucial step, which ensures whether a renter can pay rent timely.

The verification of income or salary provides vital information and protects both parties from future disputes. With CocoSign template for the employment verification letter, the tenants can make any necessary changes required while signing an agreement.







Employer Name: ________________________


City: ______________ State: ________

Zip: ________


RE: Verification of Employment for ____________________ [Name of Employee] To whom it may concern:

Please accept this letter as confirmation that ____________________ [Name of Employee] has been employed with ____________________ [Employer Name] since ____________________ [Employee Start Date].

Currently, ____________________ [Name of Employee] holds the Title

of ____________________ and works on a Full-Time Part-Time basis of    ____ hours per week while earning $__________________ payable Hourly Daily Weekly Bi-weekly Monthly Quarterly Annually and No       Bonus a Bonus of $__________________.

If you have any questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact me at __________________ [Employer Phone Number].




Sincerely yours,



Signature ______________________ Print Name: ______________________ Employer Title: ______________________


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