Dogs may be the most popular pets, which is why selling them has turned into a large and profitable business. Certain breeds are particularly valuable, so the search for a puppy has to be thorough, to make sure it’s pure breed and healthy.

Once you find it, it’s crucial to buy the puppy using a legal document. A dog bill of sale mentions all the relevant information on the parties involved and on the puppy.

It’s also beneficial for the seller, as a dog bill of sale can be signed early on, right after the puppy is born. They can get a deposit, and mention the date of delivery in the document.

What Is a Dog Bill of Sale?

Bills of sale are not only used when selling objects or equipment. A testifying document must also accompany the purchase of live animals. In fact, it’s even more essential to use one.

Some dog breeds can be quite expensive, and many people are attempting to commit fraud this way. If you want a particular breed and pay the price, you must make sure you get what you asked for.

The dog bill of sale is the document that proves that the ownership was transferred to the buyer. At the same time, it contains all the relevant information on the puppy, identifying the breed, vaccines, and state of health.

It also mentions the price and the date of payment to avoid any misunderstandings and fraud attempts. Apart from that, it has to be notarized, which is an extra safety element.

When Do You Need a Dog Bill of Sale?

The dog bill of sale must be issued by everyone selling a dog, whether they are breeders or simply have a puppy they want to send to a new home. You cannot sell a dog without this document. No serious buyer is going to accept the transaction without a puppy bill of sale.

To make things more clear, here are the main situations that require a dog bill of sale:

  • If you own a dog, and for whatever reason, you feel you can no longer take care of it.
  • If you are a dog breeder and have puppies that you want to sell and make profit.
  • If you want to find a new owner for a dog, regardless of the reason. Every time a dog changes owners, the seller has to issue a dog bill of sale.

There are many reasons why this is an essential document. First of all, no animal transaction should be taken lightly; there is a high level of responsibility involved for both parties.

While the primary goal should be to find a suitable home for the puppy, the bill of sale is also crucial for the buyer and the seller. It’s a legally binding document that has a notary seal on it and is solid proof of the purchase.

These are the main reasons it’s essential to sign a dog bill of sale:

  • It includes all the relevant information, to avoid any misunderstandings or even conflicts once the document is signed.
  • You can sign the document even before the puppy is born. You put down payment and reserve that puppy. When it’s old enough to be separated from its mother, you pay the rest of the price and can take the puppy home.
  • The puppy bill of sale is proof of the seller’s right to sell that particular dog. It’s always crucial to buy animals from trusted sources.
  • The document includes all the relevant information about the dog, its’ origin, breed, current health, history of vaccines and medical treatments.
  • The bill of sale can also mention warranties, to avoid fraud attempts.

What to Include in a Dog Bill of Sale?

The dog bill of sale is not a document to be taken lightly by any of the parts involved, mainly because it must assure the well being of an animal.

Apart from that, the buyer wants to be sure they are getting the dog they paid for, and the seller wants to receive the right price and keep a record of the dogs they sell if they are breeders.

The puppy bill of sale is not very complicated, but it’s still better to write it using one of the templates to be sure it’s efficient. Here is what any bill of sale for dog must include:

  • The date of the transaction.
  • Identifying information of the seller and buyer: full name and address.
  • The price.
  • Detailed information about the dog: name, breed, date of birth, sex, color, registration number, state of health, history of vaccines and health issues.
  • If the puppy is still too young and the buyer is putting down a deposit, it must be mentioned in the bill of sale.
  • Warranties, if any are offered.
  • Date and signature from all parties involved: buyer, seller, and witnesses.
  • The mentions of the notary public, and their seal.
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The dog bill of sale is not only proof that the transaction is legit and the interest of all parties involved is cared for, but it’s also mandatory for every dog sale. You should be even more interested in issuing a puppy bill of sale if you are selling or buying an expensive breed.

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