Selling and purchasing vehicles all over the USA asks for specific legal requirements to be fulfilled first. It is no different in Idaho. The Idaho vehicle bill of sale is what you would require if you live in Idaho, and are interested in the business of cars.

It is a legal document that provides proof of the purchase of motor vehicles. This document will not only provide detailed information about the car being sold, its buyer & seller but will also include odometer readings and all other information regarding accuracy.

In short, you cannot register, purchase, or sell your motor vehicle in Idaho without it.

How to Register a Vehicle in Idaho?

A vehicle needs to be titled before registration in the state of Idaho, and it generally happens on the same day of registration.

Where to Register: You will need to take all required documents in order to get your vehicle titled & registered to the nearest Idaho Transportation Department. There are many such offices around the state.

Needed to Register: The list of documentation that you must have o the day of registration includes:

  • Application for certificate of title.
  • Completed VIN Inspection if the car is registered outside the state.
  • An Idaho vehicle bill of sale.
  • Driver’s license and state ID.
  • A title & proof of auto insurance.
  • Registration fees.

What Is Included in an Idaho Vehicle Bill of Sale?

  • Vehicle Information: Vehicle Identification Number (1st), Title Number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Vehicle Model Description.
  • Brands: Rebuilt Salvage, Previous Brand, Reconstruct.
  • Odometer Reading: Actual Miles, Exempt, Exceeds Mechanical Limits.
  • Buyer & Seller’s Information: Full and Legal, Printed Name, Physical Address, City, State, Zip Code, Day Phone.
  • LienHolder Information: New Lien Holder Name, Physical Address, City, State, Zip Code.
  • Seller Disclosure: Seller’s Signature at agreement.
  • Buyer Disclosure: Buyer’s Signature at agreement.
  • Make Copies of the document: Distribute them among all parties.

How to Sell a Car in Idaho?

In order to sell your vehicle legally in the state of Idaho, you will need to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Give buyer permission to get the car inspected by a third party for an unbiased opinion about the car’s condition.

Step 2: Organize and collect all required vehicle documentation & legal information

Step 3: Make a complete Idaho Vehicle Bill of Sale & get it signed from the buyer.

Step 4: Transfer the title to the new owner.

Step 5: Remove all the legal identification, including your plates from the car and cancel if any insurance.

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If you are a resident of Idaho and deal in vehicles, you will surely know the importance of Idaho vehicle bills of sale. How important is this document in registration & sale of a motor vehicle in the state.

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