Public transport can sometimes be hectic and for that having a vehicle which suits you the best is a great choice. If you are a Kansan and want to purchase a car, you have come to the right place.

There are tons of people who struggle in registering their vehicle in Kansas. To make your life easier, this article has listed down some important factors you need to look into while selling or buying a car in Kansas.

How to Register a Vehicle in Kansas?

The critical elements to keep in mind while registering any vehicle in Kansas are:

  • To have a rented 90-days residence, owned or leased.
  • If you are bringing a vehicle from your previous state, you need to show a VIN inspection from the Kansas highway patrol for registration. When the inspection from the Kansas highway patrol is complete, they will provide you with an MVE-1 certificate.
  • It is also essential to bring the title of the vehicle, the current registration documents and the proof of the ownership of the car. The person having the car under his name can only register it; otherwise, a power of attorney will be required.
  • A legitimate proof of insurance is needed along with the following information: name of insurer, name of insured, vehicle description including VIN, policy number and important dates like the expiration and the current one.
  • The proper reading of the odometer will also be required along with registration application and its payment.

What Is Included In a Kansas Vehicle Bill of Sale?

The foremost step you need to take is to make sure you got the bill of sale, and you need to skim over it to assure that all the valid and essential information required is written on it. For instance:

  • It’s important to write the dates of the purchase along with the location where it was bought. Along with this, the proper details of the purchase being made is necessary like when, where, and how.
  • You also need to write the details of the purchaser like their contact number address, name and other vital information. The same goes with the seller details, but you need to keep in mind to write from which company he is from if he belongs to any.
  • Next step is to write the complete detail of the vehicle including its model number, colour and the number plate along with several small details that can be important.
  • Now you need to write the reading of the odometer along with the VIN.
  • If the seller or the buyer have any other terms and conditions that he/she wants the other one to oblige now is the time to put it in.
  • The last step for sealing the bill is that both parties need to put their signature on it. This is usually carried out in the presence of a notary.

How to Sell a Vehicle in Kansas?

For selling a vehicle in Kansas, you need to provide the buyer with all the necessary information. This includes:

  • Signing off on the vehicle title, you need to include the mileage, or you may say the reading on the odometer if there is no pace in the title then a whole new document for the odometer disclosure statement is needed.
  • The bill of sale is the proof of the selling as well as the evidence of the transaction.
  • It is mandatory to attach a copy of the current registration of the vehicle showing the owner names and the lienholder name and to the electronics sale’s agreement.
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