The state of Texas, just the other states, requires that for any transaction involving a vehicle, you must issue a Texas vehicle bill of sale. It’s the document that proves that the buyer is the new owner of the car, in exchange for the price they have previously established.

Apart from representing proof of the transaction, the bill of sale is also necessary for registering the vehicle under the new owner’s name. The state of Texas also requires having the car bill of sale notarized.

How to Register a Vehicle in Texas?

When you buy a vehicle in Texas or move to the state with a car registered elsewhere, you have 30 days to submit your vehicle to inspection and to register it. If it’s a new car bought from a dealership, they will handle the registration process.

But if you get it from a private party, you must register it yourself. That means you have to put all the paperwork together and take it to the local County Tax office to submit it for registration. To help you prepare, this is the list of documents you will need to gather:

  • You must fill in the Application for Texas Certificate of Title (Form 130-U).
  • A Texas vehicle bill of sale (form VTR-40).
  • A certificate of vehicle inspection.
  • Proof that you have acquired auto insurance.
  • If there is any lien on the vehicle, you need the Application for Registration Purposes Only (form VTR-272).
  • A valid driver’s license or state ID.
  • The proof that you paid the registration fees.

What Is Included in a Texas Vehicle Bill of Sale?

The bill of sale for cars in Texas is similar to most other sale documents from other states. It’s not a complicated document, but it still needs to have certain sections to be suitable for registration. That’s why it’s best to create it using a bill of sale template.

These are the elements any Texas bill of sale must include:

  • The full name and address of the seller and buyer.
  • The price of the vehicle.
  • Detailed identifying information on the vehicle: make, model, year, body style, vehicle identification number (VIN), license number.
  • Names and signatures of all parties involved: seller, buyer, and a county representative.
  • If the county representative isn’t present, the notary public fills in the remaining mentions and affixes their state seal.

How to Write a Texas Vehicle Bill of Sale?

The Texas vehicle bill of sale is a formal document that will be checked by either a notary public or a representative of the county you want to register the car in.

While some people choose to use a handwritten bill of sale, it’s better to write it using an auto bill of sale template. It won’t be difficult, as there are many free templates available online.

All you have to do is fill in the blanks with your pieces of information and print the document. Another aspect to consider is the language if you choose to have a handwritten bill of sale.

Even if this is a formal document, it doesn’t mean the language you use has to be too elevated or complicated. Just use simple and straightforward language and make sure the information is accurate.

If one of the parties involved demands to include some extra information in the vehicle bill of sale, you could do that. As long as the document follows the guidelines the state of Texas imposes, there is no problem if you write additional information in the bill of sale.

When buying a used car, people want to be extra-careful, so they may wish to have further details included. Or the parties may decide to delay the payment to a specified date. That can also be mentioned in the vehicle bill of sale Texas form.

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Before the purchase of a vehicle in Texas, the buyer and the seller need to agree on certain aspects and gather all the documents the buyer will need to register the newly bought car. The Texas vehicle bill of sale is one of those documents.

It proves that the ownership was transferred to the buyer, and it can also include any mention that the parties involved request. To make sure the vehicle bill of sale you issue is complete and accurate, and that the buyer won’t have any problem registering the car under their name.

It’s best to write it using an auto bill of sale template. The one created by CocoSign is hugely efficient for business and everyday use.


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