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Alabama Bill of Sale

    Whether you're buying or selling a home, car, or other property in Alabama, the process of transferring ownership can be complicated. In response, we have created a template of bill of sale for Alabama traders, easy to understand and well-documented, keeping paperwork and time to a minimum. The rights and obligations of both trading parties can be tuned to meet their unique needs.

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Alabama Bill of Sale
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Alabama Bill of Sale

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Trading, along with time, has become a massive way of income in the business world. For successful trading, it is essential to set some protocols to follow. A bill of sale is one of the vital and fundamental steps for the advanced exchange of assets.

It is the document that states all the mutual agreements between the seller and buyer. The sole purpose is to clarify all details between both trading parties. Therefore, it is the solution to cease any misconduct or any bewilderment.

What Is an Alabama Bill of Sale?

Alabama bill of sale comprises the documents of several private possessions that are for sale. There is a standard document for the property, motor vehicles, boats, shooters, pets, or other expensive items. It is a document that follows all for legal aspects of trading.

Despite the assets, some information or statements are mandatory to mention. These statements are essential to maintain the document's authenticity.

It helps to check any prejudice claim or scam—for instance, the purchaser and seller's name and address. Additionally, any related documented information validates their identity.

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What Are Some Commonly Used Bills of Sale Used in Alabama?

Following above, there is a Bill of Sale in Alabama for almost every crucial possession. Below are some particular assets for which Sale of Bill is most frequent in Alabama. It includes;

Alabama General Property Bill of Sale

This bill of sale is for all the possessions such as any electrical appliance, valuable item, or animal such as a horse. However, irrespective of the asset: the following are the mandatory information to fill by both trading parties. Following are the requirements:

  • Name, address, state, and city of buyer and seller.
  • In-depth details of possession such as model number, or serial number (if any). Moreover, if the seller is offering any warranty or not.
  • The exact date and amount of money transaction. For date, follow the format of mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Mention if there is any particular condition. Such as handing over the asset as a gift to the receiver.

Alabama Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

Here are some protocols The vehicle bill of sale follows in Alabama.

  • It is a must to consult the Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) for transferring the title from the seller to the buyer.
  • Furthermore, new possessors must proceed for the registration of assets within 20 days. Otherwise I will have to pay the penalty for delayed registration.

Alabama Vessel Bill of Sale

For the boat's trading, the following are the compulsory protocols the Alabama Vessel Bill of Sale:

  • Confirm registration within three days and makes it operative within the 15 days of purchase.
  • Fill the Boat Application and pay the charges based on class. This rule is for new holders.

Alabama Shooter Bill of Sale

Alabama Shooter Bill of sale deals with selling and purchasing of weapons. However, the buyer should request for holding such firearms from the department of Sheriff.

Alabama Abandoned Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

The purchasing of Abandoned Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale complies in Section 32-13-4.

  • The section states that a buyer must issue a notice with all mandatory information to the holder.
  • If the holder fails to respond within the period in a specific place, ownership of the vehicle will be transferred.
  • Assure to mention VIN in the Bill of Sale.

What to Include in an Alabama Bill of Sale?

The Alabama Bill of Sale follows the detailed protocol to record information. However, it can have a slight variation depending on the asset.

  • Personal information of both parties: It includes name, residences, driver license number, state, and city.
  • Accommodation brief description: Includes all the previous records of assets, including model, size, colour, and manufacture. Furthermore, VIN or Caliber in case of motor vehicle or firearm, respectively.
  • Transaction details: Fill the actual amount of money in dollars and date of payment in mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Specify condition: If there is any negotiation from either side of the party. Or if the depositor is giving accommodation to the receiver.
  • Signing the document: Lastly, both buyer and seller should sign the documents using their official signatures along with the date.
Download Our Free Alabama Bill of Sale Template!

Get Alabama Bill of Sale templates simple & fast! This template will help you avert expensive mistakes and ensure complete protection for your transactions in Alabama.

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Alabama bill of sale is the most authentic and standardized documentation used to trade personal assets. The protocol it follows is valid to decades for terminating any unjust claim either from buyer and seller.

All this sales dealing is sensitive and time-consuming. Therefore, it is crucial for the bill of sale to be up-to-date and fulfil all standardized requirements. Hence, CocoSign serves to simplify the trading process for you by providing a well-drafted template for free.








Buyer’s Name: with a mailing address of  ("Buyer").

Seller’s Name: with a mailing address of  ("Seller").





Serial Number (SN) (if any):

The above-described item shall be known as the “Personal Property.”


  1. TRADE/PURCHASE PRICE.    check one (1)


- Seller accepts cash payment in the amount of $ to be paid on:

- The date of this bill of sale.

- At a future date no later than

- Other.

- Buyer is receiving the Personal Property as a Gift.

- Seller accepts trade for the Personal Property in exchange for:




The undersigned Seller affirms that the above information about the Personal Property is accurate to the best of their knowledge. The undersigned Buyer accepts receipt of this bill of sale and understands that the above Personal Property is sold on an “as is, where is” condition with no guarantees or warranties, either expressed or implied.



Seller’s Signature: __________________________________ Date: ______________


Print Name: __________________________________



Buyer’s Signature: __________________________________ Date: ______________


Print Name: __________________________________



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