In Colorado, the selling and purchasing of any kind of property or goods take place through compiling a bill of sale. If the sold commodity is a motor vehicle then it would be named as the Colorado vehicle bill of sale.

The seller and buyer are required to take a series of steps in order to complete the registration process of a vehicle in Colorado. This article will explain the details of the different aspects of a standard Colorado vehicle bill of sale.

How to Register a Vehicle in Colorado?

To register your vehicle for the first time, you must register your bought vehicle within thirty (30) days of purchasing.

Case 1: New Registration

For doing so, you need to go to Colorado's DMV Office along with the following things:

  • Title of Vehicle
  • Your Identification i.e. Driver’s License or State’s ID and a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) form, if needed.
  • An Emission Inspection Form, if your state demands one, from any of the Emission Inspection Stations of your state.
  • A Colorado vehicle bill of sale in order to give the evidence of auto insurance and submit the fee of registration.

Case 2: Register through Dealership

On the other hand, if you register the vehicle through the agent, then the dealer will handle the registration process and submit the required documents including an Application For Title and/or Registration.

This will enable you to possess a temporary tag of legally driving the vehicle on the road until the remaining process of your registration gets completed.

Case 3: Renew Registration

If you have bought an already registered vehicle then:

  • You are required to renew your vehicle’s registration.
  • You need to contact your state’s title and registration office.
  • You can carry the registration process out by email.

How to Write a Colorado Vehicle Bill of Sale?

The Colorado vehicle bill of sale can be compiled by understanding these steps:

Step 1: Download and Fill the form

Start the process by downloading the form from the internet and add the following information.

  • The state agreed and accepted the price of the vehicle on the first line.
  • Provide the full name of the buyer on the second line.
  • Give the complete physical address of the Buyer.
  • Year.
  • Model.
  • Make.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) as given on the title of the vehicle.

Step 2: Agreement

This section will include the statements of the buyer and seller which are to be read carefully.

  • The buyer will provide for the insurance of the vehicle himself if he accepts the deal “as is”, as this declares that the vehicle is being sold to the buyer without any warranty.
  • Now, add the seller’s signature.
  • Printed Name of the seller.
  • Buyer’s signature.
  • Buyer’s printed name

Step 3: Maintain the Records

The final step is to make copies of the legal documents in order to keep it for the records.

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