Many property owners use the tenant background check form to make sure that they are renting their premises to a tenant who can be trusted. If you want to use a tenant background check form, you can download it for free here at CocoSign.

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What Is a Tenant Background Check Form?

Tenant background check form is a document that allows property owners to do a background check on potential tenants. This form includes the details of the tenants along with their permission to go ahead with the background check.

A background check provides details about a tenant such as their credit history and criminal history. This gives the peace of mind to the landlord that they are renting their premises safely.

Landlords are permitted in most states to charge a background check fee from the tenant. However, this fee should be reasonable and limited to the actual costs involved in conducting the background check itself.

Conducting a tenant background check is important from various perspectives. These includes:

  • Checking the credit history of the tenant will reveal if they are able to pay their rent on time. Rent is the primary purpose of leasing out the premises. Therefore, a tenant who is unable to pay their rent on time might not be the best choice for the landlord.
  • Checking the criminal history of a tenant makes sure that they are reliable and safe. No landlord wants any criminal activity going on in their owned property. A criminal background check ensures that the individual can be trusted with no recent criminal history.

Does Tenant Background Check Require Permission?

Yes, it is important to have the tenant’s permission before conducting a background check on them, whether it is related to their credit or criminal history.

Requiring tenant’s permission is crucial so that landlord’s do not misuse their power to run background checks on any individual without their consent.

A background check of a person reveals personal information about them. Some of this information might be something that an individual does not want to share.

Therefore, in order to conduct a background check of a tenant, their permission is needed to make sure that they willingly support the sharing of personal information with the tenant.

Additionally, Fair Housing Laws prohibit denying a tenant’s application based on any information that is obtained without the tenant’s consent.

What Should Be Included in a Tenant Background Check Authorization Form?

A tenant background check authorization form contains the following details:

  • Fee Details: Conducting a background check incurs charges. The landlord can ask the tenant to pay these charges in the form of a fee with the background check authorization form. This fee should be mentioned on the form itself.
  • Tenant Details: There are fields requiring tenant’s details, which include their name, social security number, license number, contact information, and more. The details of other tenants who will occupy the premises may also be asked.
  • Employment Details: Many landlords use the background check authorization form to ask the present and the past employment details of the tenants. They can then match these details with the information obtained in the background check.
  • Background Check Authorization: The tenant must consent to the landlord's willingness to do a credit and criminal background check on them. The landlord can officially request a background check from the respective agency and keep a copy of the information.
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