Grandparents’ medical consent form is important when a child is spending time in the supervision of their grandparents. Here you will find downloadable grandparents’ medical consent form templates.

Keep reading to learn about grandparents’ medical consent form in detail.

What Is a Grandparents’ Medical Consent Form?

A grandparents’ medical consent form provides a child’s grandparents with permission to make medical decisions for the child in case the parents are away.

Medical consent means giving a medical practitioner the consent to go ahead with a medical process involving a minor. Medical consent is required for any type of medical, dental, or mental healthcare needs. In case of a minor, parents or guardians need to give this consent.

However, in case the parents are not present, a child still might need to receive medical care. A grandparents medical consent form provides the child’s grandparents the power to give this consent.

In fact, a medical consent form is also used to provide any third person the power to help a child with healthcare. These people can be relatives, friends, babysitters, daycare authorities, or any party with which the child spends a lot of time.

How to Give Medical Responsibility to a Grandparent?

In order to give a grandparent the power to make medical decisions for a child, the parents must follow the below process:

Step 1: Identifying the Competence of Grandparents

Very often people suffer from old age related illnesses such as dementia. Therefore, parents must do a careful analysis of whether the child’s grandparents are competent enough to handle the child’s responsibility, especially the power to make medical decisions.

There can be cases where a grandparent might need to drive a child to a hospital. If the child’s grandparents cannot perform these emergency tasks well due to any health related illness, they are not suitable to handle the child for medical emergencies.

Step 2: Putting a Timeline for the Medical Consent

There are laws in various territories that require the medical consent form to have a valid deadline. Therefore, parents must discuss with the grandparents about their availability and put a deadline on the medical consent form based on that.

Step 3: Getting Regular Updates

If a parent is going to be away from a child for a long period of time, it is important that they remain updated about any medical healthcare the child is receiving. Therefore, the parents should request the healthcare provider to email any health documents that concern their child.

What Is Included in a Grandparents’ Medical Consent Form?

A grandparents’ medical consent form generally has the follow information in it:

  • Child Information: The form should detail the name of the child for which the medical power is being given. It should also have the child’s date of birth. The address of the child’s primary residence should also be provided.
  • Parent Information:Providing in-depth parent information is important. It should list the name of both the parents along with their contact information.
  • Grandparents Information: Information about the grandparents include their full names along with contact information and address.
  • Date of Validity: The form should have a start date and the end date for the provision of medical consent. It is important to mention these dates and the form is valid only within this duration.
  • Background Information: Background information regarding the child is optional but highly recommended. Background information should include details about any allergies that a child has. It should also mention the past medical records of the child.

If a child already has a physician or a preferred hospital, it should be listed in the grandparents’ medical consent form. It is also a good idea to add insurance details of the child in case an insurance claim is needed.

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In order to make sure that the child is given complete medical care in times of need, it is important for parents to use a grandparents’ medical consent form. Writing the form is easy but the information needs to be in-depth and the mandatory fields should be present.

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