Photo consent form is often required when an individual’s picture is going to be used at a public source. In order to protect oneself legally, it is important to get a photo consent form signed before sharing unauthorized content.

You can download a free photo consent form at CocoSign. In order to learn more about photo consent forms, keep reading below:

What Is a Photo Consent Form?

A photo consent form is filled and signed by a person who consents to allow the use of an image (or a set of images) by the authorized party in the consent form. It can relate to any image in which the consenting individual is a subject, any image in their ownership, or any image clicked by them.

In general, photo consent forms are required to use an image in public media such as news, social media channels, YouTube, television, etc. The form also describes the photos that are included in the consent so as to avoid confusion.

The photo consent form needs to be signed by both- the person who is requesting consent and the person who is giving consent for the images.

When You Need a Photo Consent Form?

Photo consent forms are generally used for allowing use of pictures in electronic media. There is no compensation involved for allowing a party to use their images with a photo consent form. This is why these forms differ from photo release forms.

What Is Included in a Photo Consent Form?

A photo consent form includes the following fields:

  • Releasor Information: The releasor is the individual who owns the images (or is the subject of the images) and is providing the consent to use the images through the photo consent form. The photo consent form should state the name of the releasor along with their address and contact information.
  • Releasee Name: Releasee is the party which is getting the consent to use the releasor’s photos. The name of the releasee should be stated in the photo consent form.
  • Revocation: The revocation clause provides the individual the option to revoke the consent at any time in the future, by notifying the party stated in the form. In order to choose revocation, the individual may select the relevant clause, or tick mark the clause that claims no revocation.
  • Signatures:In the end, the form should contain the signature of the parties involved (the releasor and the release) along with the dates.
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