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What Is a Credit Report Authorization Form?

A credit report authorization form provides consent to any person or a group to create a credit report. Credit reports are often needed for various legal reasons. A credit report authorization form allows the creation of these reports by any person or organization.

The credit report should comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This act is a list of rules and regulations to be followed while reporting credits and debits, set aside by the Federal Trade Commission.

Fair Credit Reporting Act makes sure that only accurate information of an individual is displayed on the credit report. This avoids wrong entries either due to negligence or willfully.

FCRA mandates that a credit report of a person can be asked only for a legitimate cause. One of these legitimate causes includes requiring the credit report of a potential tenant applying for a lease.

What Should Be Included in a Credit Report Authorization Form?

A credit report authorization form includes the following:

  • Names: The form should include the full name of the applicant and the party that is authorized to general the credit report.
  • Applicant Details: In order to create an accurate credit report, additional details of the applicant are required. These details include their social security number, date of birth, driver’s license number, and residential history for at least the last seven years.
  • Applicant’s Signature: Once the details of the form are filled, the applicant should sign the form at the bottom space provided. It is also important to mention the date along with the signature.
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