Are you looking to download a tattoo and body piercing consent form? CocoSign offers free tattoo and body piercing consent form downloads that you can edit as per your requirements.

These forms are vital for remaining legally safe for the business, artist, and the client involved in tattoo and body piercings. Keep reading to learn more about these forms and why do you need one:

What Is a Tattoo & Body Piercing Consent Form?

A tattoo and body piercing consent form protects the tattoo artist or the body piercer from any legal or financial damages in case any unintended accident occurs during the tattoo or body piercing process.

This form is also required in case minors want to get a tattoo or the body piercing on their body and it should be signed by their parents or guardian.

There can be various types of tattoo and body piercing consent forms, which include:

  • Adult Tattoo Consent Form: In an adult tattoo consent form, an adult individual provides permission to the tattoo artist to tattoo the individual themselves.
  • Adult Piercing Consent Form: In an adult piercing consent form, an adult agrees to the body piercer professional to pierce the adult’s body as intended.
  • Minor (Child) Tattoo Consent Form: A minor tattoo consent form is signed by a parent or a guardian of a child to allow the tattoo artist to go ahead and create a tattoo on the child.
  • Minor (Child) Body Piercing Consent Form: A minor body piercing consent form allows the piercer to pierce the child’s body as intended. This form is signed by the child’s parent or guardian.

What Should Be Included in a Tattoo & Body Piercing Consent Form?

A tattoo and body piercing consent form should include the following fields:

Tattoo Studio:

The form should state the name of the tattoo studio where the individual is getting tattooed or a body piercing. Stating the tattoo studio is important because it provides immunity to all the artists and employees of the studio in case of unforeseen accidents.

Individual Details:

The full name of the individual should be stated clearly in the tattoo and body piercing consent form.


The individual needs to understand and accept the terms of the form, which need to be clearly stated. By signing a tattoo and body piercing consent form, individuals’s consent that they understand the health risks of these processes.

They also agree that any sort of allergy or accident caused due to the tattoo can be an accident and the tattoo studio or its employees are not liable for legal damages.

Additional Clauses:

There are many additional clauses in the tattoo and body piercing consent form. In order to get the tattoo/body piercing, the individual must agree to all of these clauses.

These clauses include things like the individual is not under any medical drug influence, they have cleared any doubts regarding the process, etc.

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