There are many cases in which an intensive background check on a person’s criminal history is required. However, these deep background checks need a high level of clearance to carry out.

In these cases, an FBI criminal background check form (Form I-783) is required to be filled. Here are all the details you need to know about FBI criminal background check forms:

What Is a FBI Criminal Background Check Form?

FBI criminal background is a deep background check that looks at the past legal violations at the individual at a federal level. This means that this check will show you their entire criminal history regardless of the states of residence.

Federal violations include things such as bank robbery, tax fraud, embezzlement, kidnapping, money counterfeiting, and the like.

FBI criminal background check differs from state background check in the sense that the state background check looks at the crimes committed in the state and prosecuted by the state.

In order to go ahead with an FBI criminal background check, Form I-783 (also called FBI criminal background check form) is required.

What Forms Do You Need to Fill for FBI Criminal Background Check?

Here are the relevant forms when we are talking about the FBI criminal background check:

Form I-783

Form I-783 is the main form required for FBI criminal background check. This is the form where you enter all the personal details of the applicant.

FBI Fingerprint Form FD-258

In case the background check is needed on the basis of fingerprints, fingerprints are submitted through the FBI fingerprint form FD-258.

In case the FBI fingerprint form is being sent by mail, two different copies of fingerprints should be made. Fingerprints must be scanned at Standard locations or a LiveScan Location.

Credit Card Authorization Form

A fee of $18 is charged for every background check without fingerprints. In order for the fee deduction, the applicant should provide credit card details through credit card authorization form.

Otherwise, they can also pay via certified check or money order, made to the Treasury of United States. Checks are not accepted for background check forms.

Request Release (Attorney)

Request release is used when the applicant prefers that their attorney receive the background check information. The request release form should be sent with the other background check documents in this case.

As you can see, Form I-783 is mandatory for getting a background check done. The other forms mentioned above are optional.

How to Get an FBI Background Check?

In order to get an FBI background check, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Get Forms I-783 and FD-258

Firstly, you will have to download the two required forms- I-783 and WD-258. The former is needed for the personal details of the applicant and the later is needed for submitted fingerprints.

For FD-258, it is important to make at least two copies of the fingerprints. In case fingerprints are smudged, the applicant should make more copies. Fingerprints are accepted only if all ten fingers have left a clear fingerprint impression.

Step 2: Visit a Certified Fingerprint Scanning Location

In order to get the fingerprints scanned, it is important to visit a fingerprint scanning location that is approved.

Fingerprints can be scanned and sent electronically and immediately through LiveScan locations. However, this facility is generally available around metropolitan areas only. If there is no LiveScan location near you, you can still get the fingerprints at a Standard Location.

In the case of fingerprints, an additional fee of $20 is charged.

Step 3: Send the Application Through Mail

The background check application can be sent online through a LiveScan location. In case there is no such location available, you can send the application through mail. You should sent the following through the mail:

  • $18 through certified check, money order, or credit card authorization form.
  • Form I-783.
  • Form FD-258 with 2 copies, along with $20.

The form should be mailed to:

1000 Custer Hollow Road, Clarksburg, West Virginia, 26306.

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