Consent laws are important to consider when any process involves the private data of someone else. It might be okay in some cases to video individuals present in a public place who are not expecting privacy.

However, more often than not, recording a video of an individual calls for the need of a video consent form. The videos of another person can be shared on a public platform only after their consent. This is why you should learn about video consent forms in detail:

What Is a Video Consent Form?

A video consent form is a document that provides proof that an individual has given their permission for their video or image to be shared by another person or a group.

The video consent form does not require any compensation in return, even if the video ends up generating revenue.

Once a person has provided a video consent form, the authorized party can share the video as per their wishes, without needing any additional consent from the individual.

When Should You Use a Video Consent Form?

It is a good idea to get a video consent form signed before videotaping any person. The person should know about the nature of the content and how their footage will be used.

They should also understand that you can use their footage at any time without any additional consent. It is also convenient and helpful to download and view the video consent form template from CocoSign to understand the nature of a video consent form.

What Are the Basic Inclusions of Video Consent Form?

The main inclusions of a video consent form are:

  • The form should state the full name of the individual from whom video consent is being sought. The person should also sign their initials to every paragraph that they understand and agree.
  • In case a minor is being videotaped, the parents or guardian of the minor needs to sign the video consent form.
  • The consent form should also indicate the future plans for the video; for example- any plans to sell parts of the video to another party.
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