Many individuals use a sexual consent form in order to be safe from any chance of fabricated sexual assault lawsuits. In order to fill a sexual consent form, you need a form template which you can download for free from CocoSign.

Keep reading to learn more about sexual consent forms and all that they can include:

What Is a Sexual Consent Form?

A sexual consent form is a document that acknowledges two individuals consent to participate in sexual acts together. This form is used so that neither party can do a legal lawsuit towards the other party in terms of sexual assault.

In a sexual consent form, the parties agreeing to the terms can state the date and time on which the sexual act is to occur. The form should also detail everything that each party is consenting to.

Things, in reality, can reasonably go beyond what was intended earlier. A sexual consent form provides security to each party that if things go beyond what is intended, it can be dismissed as an accident.

Why Do You Need a Sexual Consent Form?

There are often cases where one party sues the other for sexual assault. However, since these are private acts, it is hard to ascertain the credibility of the assault and the result can go either way.

Therefore, sexual consent form becomes vital. This form provides both parties with the ability to view and understand the activities that they are going to take part in. Only after fully understanding, the parties involved consent to the terms of the form.

This makes sure that no party can claim that they were taken advantage of. Due to a sexual consent form, a consenting party cannot sue for assault since they have already agreed to the terms of the form.

There are instances when someone’s intentions can be misunderstood, leading to actions for which a party can claim sexual assault. A sexual consent form makes the intentions of both consenting parties clear to each other.

What Are the Key Elements in a Sexual Consent Form?

The elements of sexual consent vary from source to source, as various sources treat sexual consent in a different way. In general, the following is the parameter for sexual consent are defined as follows:

Forced Sexual Activity

Both individuals should previously discuss and agree to the sexual activities that are going to take place. If any individual forces another individual for sexual activity, it goes against the very nature of sexual consent.

Age of Consent

The age of individuals participating in sexual activity is a very important factor when one is considering sexual consent. Age of consent is the legal age below which a person is considered incompetent of giving sexual consent.

Therefore, any sexual activity with an individual below the age of consent is considered sexual assault to a minor. The age of consent varies from territory to territory.

Mental or Physical Disabilities

People with mental disabilities can be incompetent when it comes to understanding the nature of sexual consent. Likewise, people with physical disabilities (such as complete lack of movement) are unable to state whether they consent to a sexual activity or not.

Therefore, there are various laws (depending on the state) that classify sexual activities with a mental or physical disability individual as an assault incurring penalty.

Unconsciousness or Intoxication

Intoxication can affect the ability of an individual to make rational decisions and unconsciousness can take away this ability completely.

Therefore, various state laws prohibit sexual activity with a person who is unconscious or intoxicated as they do not have the mental capacity at that moment to make decisions in their best interests.

Deception and Deceit

In an instance where sexual consent is obtained through deception, the consent itself can be considered invalid and the person may be charged for sexual assault.

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