Looking to fill a passport parental consent form? In order to use a passport parental consent form, you need to use a passport parental consent form template. You can download this template here at CocoSign.

Keep reading to know more about passport parental consent forms and when they are required.

What Is a Passport Parental Consent?

A passport parental consent is needed when any minor applies for a new passport. This consent form requires the permission of both the parents (or the guardians). Parents must also provide all the documents needed for processing the passport.

Passport parental consent forms are also known as form DS 3053. These forms are supporting documents for the application of passports of minors. They are generally used in case the parents of a child cannot be present during the passport application process.

Passport parental consent forms are valid only for three months from the date of creation. Additionally, these forms need to be signed in front of a notary by the parents.

How to Complete a Passport Parental Consent?

In order to use a passport parental consent form, follow the steps mentioned here:

Step 1: Download Form DS 3053 ( passport consent form ) from CocoSign.

Step 2: Read the information present in the passport consent form. These are the things that you are agreeing to as a parent if you sign the form. Once the details are understood, enter the minor information on the next page, including their full name and the date of birth.

Step 3: In the section that details ‘Statement of Consent’, the parent (or guardian) of the minor fills their name and address, along with the name of the minor for whom they are authorizing the passport permission.

Step 4: The rest of the fields of the ‘Statement of Consent’ can be signed only in the presence of a notary. The parent (or guardian) signs their name with the date in this section.

Step 5: The notary section of the passport parental consent form is filled by the notary public. This section includes the details of the notary along with their signature and seal. The notary will also put the date of notarization here.

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