With the custody agreement template, parents can settle for a mutually satisfactory plan regarding raising their child/children together without any future fight or chaos. Here, the judge doesn’t have control to make decisions.

If both the parents wish to work keeping in mind the best interest of the child/children, they can save money, time, and mental stress by creating the child custody agreement template themselves.

However, child support agreements should be used if the parents wish to settle for just child support. Read this article to know more about custody agreements.

What Is a Custody Agreement?

If the parents of the child are not romantically involved anymore, they can enter into a custody agreement to come to terms with how they will co-parent their child or children together.

The issues which can be addressed in custody agreement are health insurance, visitation schedules, college expenses, physical and legal custody, and child support if needed.

After contemplation of the circumstances of both the parent's mutual agreement is outlined in the template. The receipt of which needs to be acknowledged by both parties.

Why Needs a Custody Agreement?

In case, the parents decide to go informal and take decisions mutually without confronting law, the arrangements can become problematic in the future. This happens mostly when the parents separate before consciously establishing a positive co-parenting.

At any event, one of the parents shall disagree with the children’s schedule, financial need, childcare, or other issues. One parent shall refuse to cooperate with the kids to go to the other parent, to contribute to the financial expenses of the child, and more.

Therefore, to save both the parents from all the drama and chaos, it is best to create your written agreement at the time when both the parents are on good terms.

Who Are the Parties Involved in a Custody Agreement?

The parties involved in the custody agreements are the legal parents of the minor child/children. They agree to make a mutual settlement of the care and custody of their child/children. The parents can use a sample custody agreement to create their template.

Whereas, it is crucial to state clearly the names of the parents involved in the custody:

“ The custody agreement ( referred to the legal “Agreement”) is made and entered by [father of the child’s name] and [mother of the child] on [date] in [residential city], [state] for [Child/Children name], born on [DOB]. ”

What Are Included in a Custody Agreement?

There are several things your custody agreement will include concerning the parents’ wishes and child’s requirements. However, these things can be summarized in the given below pointers:

Legal Custody

The exclusive custody of the child goes in the hands of the mother and she is responsible to take decisions of the child's welfare, which includes but not limited to, healthcare, education, and religion.

However, the father shall be provided the opportunity to contribute to every decision-making of significant matters (except the emergency circumstances). The parents can refer to the custody agreement to get more clarity of the structure of this point in the agreement.

Visitation Schedule

This includes when the child spends time with the parents. The schedule needs to indicate with which parent the child should be. The complete schedule includes:

  • Residential Schedule: The basic schedule of the child with which parent during the weekdays and weekends.
  • Holiday Schedule: The schedule where the child will spend time on holidays like special occasions and school breaks.

Child Support Information

The circumstances of the mother affect the child support decision. The expense of child support is calculated based on the parent’s residential state. The parents put forth the information of child support into the agreement as per the norms of the local courthouse.

The calculation is implied through the income of each parent and the period each parent spends with the child to provide accurate support to the child.

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To know regarding the procedure of submitting the agreement, the parents can check the local and state laws. The parents shall prepare their own written plan with mutual consent with the help of sample custody agreements.

Nevertheless, if any of the parents don’t agree on any of the terms, the parents can take this forward in the court and the judge will decide what is in the best interest of the child.

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