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What is a Business Partnership Agreement?

A business partnership agreement is a written agreement between two individuals or businesses who agree to join together and conduct a business for profit.

A business partnership agreement decides the obligation of a party towards the other one, and vice versa. It also describes the relationship between the two parties and their duties and responsibilities.

Who Needs a Business Partnership Agreement?

A business partnership agreement is needed by any two parties for collaborating business because it is created to resolve any possibility of conflict between the two parties.

Further, it describes the role of each party and their responsibility in the partnership. Both parties can know what is expected of them and what they can expect. More importantly, it also states the division of profits and losses between the parties.

Further, a business partnership agreement states the procedure if one partner wants to exit the agreement before the expiry of the term. As such, both partners can feel comfortable that there is an exit plan.

However, individuals also want to feel that there is a commitment from the other end in the partnership. Therefore, exit clauses of partnerships often involve penalties or some compensation for ending the commitment early.

What is included in a Business Partnership Agreement?

There can be many components included in a business partnership agreement, depending on the sector in which the businesses are operating and the type of the partnership. The general terms included in a business partnership agreement are:

  • Percentage of Ownership: A business partnership agreement should state how much partnership each business will get after the partnership agreement. Generally, these percentages are decided before the agreement is drafted. There can be a series of negotiations to decide the exact numbers.
  • Distribution of Profits and Losses: A business partnership agreement should decide how the profits and losses of business will be shared between the partners.
  • Term of Partnership: Term of partnership means the length for which the partners have agreed to work together. After the term of the partnership is over, the partners can agree to renew their business partnership agreement or draft a new one.
  • Termination of Partnership: A partnership agreement can have exit clauses that describe how the partnership can be terminated in the event anyone or both of the partners wish to end the partnership, before the expiry of the term.
  • Partnership Buy-in: A business partnership agreement can also state the medium and amount of the buy-in for a partner to buy his or her share of the partnership.
  • Legal Issues And Debts: A business partnership should also include a provision about who will handle the legal issues of the business. It should also detail the current debt of the business and the responsibility of each business partner towards it.

The best idea is to include all the clauses that either partner sees fit and necessary to protect their interests. However, each clause has to be agreed upon by both the parties

Further, it is important to create a business partnership agreement before a business partnership starts.

How to Create a Business Partnership Agreement?

In order for a business partnership agreement to be valid in court, it needs to be well written and valid from a legal point of view.

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