Are you looking for an agreement to protect your company’s and volunteer’s rights? Here’s the right place for you. It is fundamental to create a volunteer agreement for a long-term and trustworthy relationship between the two parties.

The volunteer agreement is created to set clear expectations between the volunteer who is working voluntarily for a cause or purpose and the organization that assigns the work.

It sets not only a reference point for the volunteers but also a reminder to the organisation which should meet their standards.

What Is a Volunteer Agreement?

When the company provides a volunteer to a said person, the volunteer shall first accept the role and perform all the duties without any expectation of remuneration or payment except a reasonable reimbursement of expenses incurred if any.

This legal document describes such terms and conditions and is duly signed by both the parties in acknowledgment. Moreover, it shall clearly be stated that neither organization nor the volunteer intends to create any contractual relationship or employment.

In case the circumstances change, and the volunteer shall undertake an employment position and be paid for it or involved in vocational training in the same organization with a separate formal employment agreement.

Who Needs a Volunteer Agreement?

An organization, NGO, or research committee is looking for volunteers to help them carry out their cause or purpose. The volunteer agreement is a way to predetermine the expectations of the volunteer from the organization and what the organization shall hope from the volunteers.

With this agreement, the volunteer is able to maintain his or her commitment until the said duration. It reminds the organization if a volunteer could meet the predetermined standards of the good work.

However, the agreement may vary in terms and conditions but generally bear the same information like attendance, training, confidentiality, safety, and policies. So, let’s look into what the parties shall add to form a well structured volunteer agreement.

What Should Be Included in a Volunteer Agreement?

Here are some elements which should be included in the volunteer's agreement:


The organizations shall precisely describe the duties of the volunteering position. However, the volunteer shall acquaint themselves with the organization's policies and procedures. They shall work as per the required structure of the organization.


In case the volunteer incurs any valid out-of-pocket expenses during his duties, it shall be reimbursed. However, the volunteer shall provide a valid receipt to the program coordinator for processing.

Hours of Work

The program coordinator prepares a program schedule to predetermine the normal hours of work weekly or monthly. In case the volunteer is unable to abide by the described hours, he shall be provided with one week’s notice by the program coordinator.


It is the organization’s responsibility to take care of the volunteers’ safety while they are on duty. So, the organization provides Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance cover for the duration of their volunteer duties.

Code of Behavior

The volunteers shall sign the agreement in acknowledgment to abide by the ‘code of behavior’ as guided by the organization in the agreement.


The volunteer also needs to agree upon the staff/volunteer dispute and grievance policy outlined by the organization in the document. What action shall be taken in case of dispute shall be described in this policy.


The volunteer agrees to be bound by the clauses in the confidentiality agreement so that he doesn’t disclose any critical information of the organization mentioned in the agreement or discussed in the meetings.

Supervision and Training

If there are any supervision or training sessions for the volunteer, the clause regarding their compulsion shall be mentioned. However, it shall be mentioned in the agreement that volunteers shall report an issue to the program coordinator or manager at any time.

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A well formed volunteer agreement should maintain the aim and object of the organization and protect the right of volunteers.

Before stepping into the process of signing the agreement, the volunteer needs to do a research in depth of the organization. On the other hand, the organization should interview the volunteer before hiring in order to avoid any future fraud or misunderstanding.

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