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Venue Rental Agreement

    Hosting events might need you renting out a space or facility. This arrangement in certain cases, requires some form of deposit payment, payment of caution and maintenance fees etc. A venue rental agreement should be signed to cement the conditions governing renting out that space. Our venue rental agreement template contains the required clauses and section to prevent potential disputes between the lessor and the lessee. They're easy to understand and are a breeze to customize and use.

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Venue Rental Agreement
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Venue Rental Agreement

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A common question that arises when discussing agreements is what the venue rental agreement/facility rental agreement is.

This is a legal document stating the terms and conditions when a facility is rented to a lessee/tenant for an event such as a wedding, celebration, etc. This guide will provide a full understanding of how venue rental agreement works, what includes it, and how to get one.

What Is a Venue Rental Agreement?

A venue rental agreement is a document that presents the clauses governing the renting of a facility/space for an event/activity. It states the requirements of both parties and helps in negotiating the terms beforehand and helps create a healthy and trustable relationship.

The lessee rents the space which is owned by the lessor for a short period. The lessee may negotiate the terms of payment (including any advanced payment or security deposit) in the agreement.

The lessor may instruct the lessee regarding the policies governing the duration and maintenance of events. This event facility rental agreement highlights the requirements of the client and the terms of the lessor.

The owner may make it necessary to pay a non-refundable deposit as an advance. This creates a sense of reliability in the mind of the owner and initiates good terms between the lessor and the lessee.

This document can be implied to short-term events such as holding a wedding event or renting a retail store. This agreement provides versatility for organizing celebrations.

Download a Free & Professional Venue Rental Agreement Sample Now!

Disputes with your event planner or rental space landlord can no doubt ruin the fun in your event. Prevent all such possible disputes today by drafting a venue rental agreement. You can save yourself the hassles and time of drafting one from scratch by downloading a template for free today.

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Venue Rental Agreement?

A facility rental agreement plays an important role for an event planner while organizing an event. It highlights all the terms and conditions beforehand so that there is no requirement for any discussion regarding the event’s facilities.

This agreement provides many benefits to both parties as following:

  • The agreement can act as a legal piece of evidence in the case of libel. It can protect both parties from false accusations against each other. The agreement offers security and reliability for both parties involved in the agreement.
  • The agreement provides the lessee with a fixed schedule without worrying about any other bookings during that same day. Thus, it helps an event planner to organize the dates and schedules of all the guests and accordingly fix a time that suits all.
  • The agreement also contains provisions regarding pricing. Once the document is signed, the payment terms cannot be modified. Thus, a facility rental agreement does not allow the manipulation of the customer’s interest in the facility.
  • The agreement highlights the terms of cancellation of the booking. These terms are negotiated between both parties, and this allows a conflict-free cancellation of the facility booking. The lessee may not be entitled to the advance deposit refund.
  • The lessor may include the conditions regarding payment against any damage that the facility’s property might suffer. The lessee would be held responsible for such a scenario and will have to pay the required amount to the lessor.

What Should Be Included in a Venue Rental Agreement?

A facility rental agreement should include the clauses detailing about the policies formulated by the lessor and the result of negotiations with the lessee. The document should consist of the following points:

  • It should describe the requirements for the reservation of the facility. An advance non-refundable deposit might be required from the lessee to book the place.
  • The lessor might impose certain time constraints on the event; for example, the lessor could ask the client to conclude the event before 2 AM. These restrictions are usually according to the legal guidelines.
  • The agreement should mention the services that the owner is capable of providing. This might include catering, bartending, security and other essential services.
  • The terms of payment should be mentioned after negotiation between both parties. The cancellation and refund conditions should be detailed and should be accepted by both the parties.
  • The owner may ask the client to get insurance for the client’s property that will be utilized during the event. The owner generally does not take any responsibility for any damage that might occur to the client’s belongings.

There are also many other key features for a venue rental agreement, but the above ones are vital to include in each document.

Download a Free & Professional Venue Rental Agreement Sample Now!

Disputes with your event planner or rental space landlord can no doubt ruin the fun in your event. Prevent all such possible disputes today by drafting a venue rental agreement. You can save yourself the hassles and time of drafting one from scratch by downloading a template for free today.

All you have to do to get started is click the download button below.


A venue rental agreement is often required by both the lessor and the lessee to ensure their security and avoid manipulation of any kind. If you are going to hold an event and look for a template of venue rental agreement, you can get a free sample from CocoSign.

With our template, you can customize a legal-sounding, plain-texted and unbiased agreement for your business easily.




This Venue Rental Agreement with Addendum A “Terms and Conditions” (hereinafter “Agreement”), executed by the undersigned parties on this_____ day of_______________, 20_________, constitutes an agreement, constitutes an agreement for the rental and use of property managed by _______________________ (hereinafter “Owner”). Regarding the terms and conditions of use, the undersigned parties agree as follows:


1.      PARTIES. The parties to this Agreement include the following:

Owner: ________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________


Phone: ____________________ Email: ______________________



Renter: ________________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________________________________

Phone:__________________  Alt Phone: ____________________  Cell: ____________________ 

Email: _________________________________________________________________________



Other Renter: ___________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________________________________

Phone:__________________  Alt Phone: ____________________  Cell: ____________________ 

Email: _________________________________________________________________________

The above renters shall be referred to collectively hereinafter as Renter(s). Each of the renters are jointly and severally responsible for the obligations contained in this Agreement.


Credit Card Number: ______________________________________________________________

(Held on file, only to be charged if items/facility damaged or if balance due not paid in full. Customer will be notified before any charges are made. Information shredded when balance paid in full)


Name on Card: ________________  Exp Date: ____________________ CVV: _____________



a. Date of Event: _________________________________


b. Type of Event: _________________________________


c. Name of event for signage (full names): _________________________________


d. Venue space reserved: _________________________________


e. Basic Table set up plan: _________________________________


Basic Table set up plan:

Reception, standard;

Reception, dance floor;


Dinner, round tables;

Dinner, banquet tables;



Additional set up/change (i.e. starting with a ceremony and then changing to a

reception the same night) $250.00 fee applies:


Change requested _________________________________


f. Specific Table set up plan: (additional fee for linens will apply unless noted)


Eating: Qty____Size_____Basic Linen____________Extra Linen_______________ Location:_________________________________________________________

Serving: Qty____Size_____Basic Linen___________Extra Linen_______________ Location:_________________________________________________________

Cake: Qty____Size_____Basic Linen____________Extra Linen________________ Location:_________________________________________________________

Presents: Qty____Size_____Basic Linen___________Extra Linen______________ Location:_________________________________________________________


g. Rental Items desired (additional fee will apply unless otherwise noted)


h. Number of Guests Attending: __________________________

i. Renter(s) intend to serve alcohol? Yes______ No______ (Renter(s) Initials)__

j. Set-up start time:

Morning Block (9 a.m.);

Evening Block (5 p.m.);

Custom Time ($125.00 per additional hour)_________

k. Event Start time: ________ Event End time: _________

3. ITEMS INCLUDED IN RENTAL. The following items or services shall be included in the rental rate (excluding hourly rate) (check all that apply):


17 Round and/or rectangle tables (indoors only);

15 Round and/or rectangle tables (Castle only);

200 Chiavari wedding chairs (white, Upper Ballroom; black, Lower Ballroom);

300 White folding chairs (outdoors only);

Table and chair set up and take down;

Kitchen (Indoor only, may be shared);

Sound system with media dock and wireless mic;

TV/DVD Player (Upper Ballroom only);

Playground use; (must have adult supervision)

Use of grounds/buildings for photography;

Outdoor Gardens;

Brides room (Indoor only);

Baby grand piano (Lower Ballroom only);

Upper Ballroom media room/Groom's room, stocked (additional $150.00 fee);



4. ITEMS EXCLUDED FROM RENTAL. Any item or service not identified in Section 3 hereinabove is excluded from rental under this Agreement.


5. RENTAL RATES AND FEES. The Renter(s) agree to pay the following rental rates and fees:


a. Venue Rental Rate. The Renter(s) agree to reserve the venue at the rate of .

a. Deposit. A reservation deposit is required in advance to successfully reserve the venue. The reservation deposit is 50% of the rental rate and is non-refundable.

b. Total Amount Due (excluding rental items) $

c. Reservation Deposit (50% of Rental Rate) $

d. Balance Due (not including tax) $


Any deposit “Balance Due” hereinabove is due on or before to successfully reserve the venue. The Balance Due amount excludes applicable Overage Fees as provided in subsection C. If Renter(s) fail to pay the Balance Due on or before the above due date, the reservation will be deemed cancelled and forfeited pursuant to Section 6 hereinbelow without further notice. If the event date is less than 30 days away 100% of the rental rate is due at the time of executing this Agreement. If the event extends beyond scheduled end time more than one (1) hours without prior approval the security deposit will be forfeited.

b. Overage Fees.


a. A $40.00 fee will apply for every 15 minutes the event extends past the event end time in Section 2 hereinabove. (To avoid additional charges we recommend that you allow 45 minutes for breakdown time.)

b. Subject to the express prior approval and at the Owner’s sole discretion, use of the venue beyond the event end time in Section 2 hereinabove may be granted at the rate of $125.00 per hour. Each additional hour is billed as a whole hour regardless of actual minutes used.


e. Storage Fees. Storage for the night prior to the event will be $50.00.


f. Cleaning & Repair Fees. Additional charges may be made for actual or estimated repair or cleaning costs to restore venue, grounds, equipment or other property to the same condition prior to Renter(s) use of the venue and Owner’s property.

g. Other:



6. CANCELLATIONS. All cancellations must be made in writing and delivered to Owner at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the Event Date in Section 2 hereinabove. There are no refunds for any deposit. Renter(s) is responsible for payment in full if event is cancelled within 30 days or less of the event Set-up Date as provided in Section 2 hereinabove. Renter(s) recognize that the foregoing cancellation policy is not intended to be punitive, but, reflect Owner foregoing actual or potential business opportunities in reserving the venue for Renter(s) and diminished ability to rent the venue within 30 days or less prior to an event date.

7. PAYMENTS. All payments due herein shall be made using cash, personal check or cashier’s check. Personal checks shall be made payable to “Castle Park Events, LLC” at 110 South Main Street, Lindon, Utah 84042. Any personal check for insufficient funds is subject to a $30.00 returned check fee. Total contract fees must be paid 30 days prior to the Event Date.


8. TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The “Terms and Conditions” as attached hereto as Exhibit A are incorporated herein to include additional terms and conditions to this Agreement.


9. SEVERABILITY. In case any one or more of the provisions, or portions of provisions, of this Agreement shall be deemed by any legal authority to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions, or portions of provisions contained herein shall not be in any way affected or impaired thereby.


10. MODIFICATION. No alteration or other modification of this Agreement shall be effective unless such modification shall be in writing and signed by the parties.


11. OPPORTUNITY TO REVIEW. By executing this Agreement the undersigned parties warrant and represent they have had an opportunity to review, including being presented with a copy of Exhibit A “Terms and Conditions,” and after such review or opportunity to review have read and fully understood all terms and conditions pertaining to this Agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto, intending to be legally bound, have caused this Agreement along with the attached Terms and Conditions to be duly executed as of the day and year first hereinabove written.



Signature: ________________________  Date: ______________________


Print: _____________________________




Signature: ________________________  Date: ______________________


Print: _____________________________


and/or Signature: ________________________  Date: ______________________


Print: _____________________________



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