Two parties enter into a written commission agreement to seal the deal of selling goods on commission. Here, one party has the products or services which are meant to be sold whereas the other party agrees to sell those products or services in the market.

The first party then promises to pay a certain amount of money as commission for every sale. However, the commission amount should be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

The percentage of the sales or dollar amount as commission should be listed in the commission agreement template. Furthermore, understanding commission agreement in-depth, please read the following sections.

What Is a Commission Agreement?

A legally bound document between two parties where one party is a seller or distributor and the other one is the provider of the goods, and services or an employer. This document describes in detail the terms of both the parties' relationship.

Many people also call this sale commission agreement. Hereby, it is described what kind of commission payment the seller of the products or services deserve to be earned and the person who is liable to pay that commission.

Additionally, the details of the products’ prices, what the commission payment is based on, a deadline to make the payment, payment method, percentage of commission, and the limit of the commission by the seller, if any.

Both parties shall provide information like contact details, address proof, and more for the agreement. The parties should look into the contract carefully before finally signing it to ensure the terms are accurate and acceptable to both the parties.

Legal advice shall be sought if needed before signing. However, the selling party also wishes to come under commission agreements when hiring a new salesperson who will be paid on the commission basis.

The agreement is the perfect way to set clear terms between the involved parties and prevent any chaos.

When Should You Use a Commission Agreement?

The commission agreement is commonly used by the employer and the employee or distributor. Hereby given a list of the circumstances under which a party shall use a commission agreement.

  • If an employer wishes to pay a new employee in whole or in part on commission, he shall present an agreement to set down both the parties' rights.
  • If a newly hired employee wants to ensure that all the stated terms should be preserved and followed and the employer hasn’t provided a written commission contract, the employee shall provide the same.
  • When the manufacturer or a company wants to sell the company’s products or services for a predetermined commission, a commission agreement comes as handy to mutually agree to all the terms and conditions.

The agreement proves to be beneficial for both parties as it formally declares the details of the working relationship. Employees can benefit from any fraud or misguided activity or any misunderstanding related to work or commission to be paid.

On the other hand, employers can use this agreement to protect their business from the loot or misrepresentation of its products.

What Are the Components of a Commission Agreement?

The parties need to adhere to the commission agreed to protect the sales commission law and order. So, it is crucial to include all the required components in this written agreement. Here is a list of things which shall be included in the agreement:

  • Contact Information: Both parties need to provide their basic details like first and last name, company’s name, address of the company, and the employee, and phone numbers. Everything should be verified with government proof.
  • Commission Structure: It is crucial to describe all the small details of the commission procedure in the template. The parties should agree on the terms like quotas, commission percentage, draws, supply schedule, or payout schedules.
  • Documentation: The parties shall be clear about which systems or documents the representative is using. The document could be company provided documentation or tools for recording, tracking, and submitting, sales. The employee uses company order forms, CRM, or other systems.
  • Non-compete Clause: The distributor or employee shall not represent the competing brand of the commissioned company while being an active representative of the employer.
  • Non-disclosure Clause: The distributor shall keep complete confidentiality of all the information and intellectual property presented in the agreement or discussed with the employer in person. It includes disclosing any information deemed sensitive or critical to any third party.
  • Acceptance: Both parties need to sign this commission agreement to acknowledge that they agree to adhere to all the written clauses in it. However, if any one person defies any term, he is liable to pay the predetermined compensation.
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Commission agreement is mutually agreed to protect the rights of both the parties involved. However, the party can create its agreement with the help of a commission agreement.

It is advisable to seek legal representation to check whether the final agreement is underemployment laws or not. In case of breach of the agreement, the other party member is liable to earn the predetermined compensation or any other said settlement.

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