When an organization or an individual hires an architect, it is crucial to build a trusted relationship with them. With an architect agreement, the hiring party shall be sure that they have communicated their expectations of the working relationship.

What Is an Architect Agreement?

An architect agreement is a legally binding document between architect and client for different sizes of construction projects. It includes the detailed provisions of major factors like the obligations and expectations taken care of by both the parties.

Using such agreement helps both parties to ensure that all the work is performed under relevant laws, regulations, codes of conduct, etc. The other factor is to protect the design and plans by the architect on the ownership of the work and intellectual property rights.

Who Is Involved in an Architect Agreement?

Usually the architect designs and crafts this agreement to build professional relationships with their clients. Their clients could be business owners, individuals, government organizations, or similar people seeking architectural services.

It is advisable to customize the agreement as per the architect firm or the service. In this way, the individuals won’t miss out on important terms or information in the agreement

What Are the Features of an Architect Agreement?

Let’s look into details of key features included in this agreement:

Personal Information

Whether the work is of remodeling, restructuring, or redesigning, it needs to be mentioned in the agreement. Further, the personal details of the architect, its firm, license, and experience shall also be given.

Design Services

The architect shall fully comply with the state regulations while designing or structuring the property listed in the architect agreement. Any breach of the provision without the knowledge of the owner shall be the architect's responsibility.

Administrative Services

Until the initial closing of the mortgage for the property listed is completed, the architect shall provide all the services.

It is necessary for them to visit the property every week to monitor the work progress and ensure that the work is completed on time and is performed under the guidelines. Moreover, in case of any agreement breach during the visits, the architect shall notify the owner immediately.


During the length of the architectural agreement, the architect shall provide the required workforce, materials for construction, and other things needed to complete the project. However, all the cost shall be included in the final bill or at the time of expenses occurring by the owner.


Following the state regulation, both the parties shall hold adequate insurance if required by the architect agreement.


All the invoices provided by the architect shall be reviewed and could be paid until the sale of the property. The total cost and project estimates shall be provided in the agreement. Required changes shall be made under unforeseeable circumstances.

Guaranty Period

The architect should conduct a review of the project no later than a year following the conclusion of the agreement. This way, they can detect any recalls, defects, and deficiencies of all deliverables. The owner shall be notified upon any of such findings.


Both parties shall acknowledge that they agree to this agreement on their own free will. Moreover, the owner agrees that under no circumstances shall any term or provision to be fulfilled by a third party.

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Before signing the agreement, the main body shall be read carefully to ensure that all the required information is included. Both parties need to have a signed copy with them. This could be used as proof in case any dispute arises which couldn’t be mutually solved by the parties.

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