In any agency, a client agreement is a must to build a trusted and long-term relationship. Think of an SEO agreement simply as a legal document between two parties to finalize the deal.

To create a good agreement, the parties shall clearly describe their expectations and all the details related to the work. But, what exactly is this agreement? What is the purpose of creating it? Let’s find out more in the following sections.

What Is an SEO Agreement?

A paper document, which is created under the provisions of the federal law, between the client and the company or individual to the purchase of all or any search engine optimization or reporting services is known as an SEO agreement.

This agreement is a promise from the agency to the client to serve the expected service and yield the expected outcome. So that the deal between the two parties doesn’t end up in dispute, misunderstanding, or misconduct.

The agreement also includes the clauses related to the timely payment, cancellation and refund policy, tools to be used, the relationship of the parties, and more. This agreement shall be followed until the time provided in the agreement expires.

Who Needs an SEO Agreement?

It is entered into between the company providing the SEO services and the client (receiver of the services). Here, the service provider agrees to offer all the SEO and reporting services that are described in the agreement.

An SEO agreement is also used to include warranties and representations, the outline of agreed SEO methods, and period the two parties are willing to work together.

Moreover, it will come into force when the parties mutually agree upon the terms and sign the document and conclude when all SEO deliverables, mentioned in the agreement, are completed and approved.

What Are the Components of an SEO Agreement?

There are several components included in the SEO services agreement. However, the terms highly depend on the services the company is offering. The below given are a few common terms:

Parties Details

Here, the personal information of the client and the company shall be provided. This includes the names of the parties involved, their addresses, contact number, and the date and time they entered into this agreement.

SEO Services

The agreement describes the provided SEO services. The details of the specific keywords or phrases, modification of title tags, HTML code, and other on-page activity, which will be used for developing, improving the rank of the customer URL(s) shall be given.

Fees, Limitation, Cancellation

The customer shall provide SEO payments as the bill amount in the agreement. The agreement states the exact amount to be received before the start of the services, each installment, and the closing amount.

The customer further agrees to receive no refund in case of termination of the agreement before the due date. Moreover, in case of cancellation, the customers shall pay the cancellation amount to the company as provided in the agreement.

Force Majeure

In case of any delay or failure to perform as per the agreement for any conditions which are beyond the party's control, the parties shall not be liable for it. So, if any force majeure happens, the party shall provide written notice to the other party to come up with an alternative solution.


If the parties are unable to resolve the issues mutually, the matter shall be taken to the state law. The parties need to agree to accept the decision made by the jurisdiction of such courts.

Agreement Binding

The terms of the agreement shall bind upon and inure to the parties’ benefits hereto their administrators, or successors.


The customer shall not assign or disclose this agreement to any third party without any written approval from the company. On the other hand, the company can assign the subparts of the projects to complete it on-time.


Both parties shall provide their signature to acknowledge that they have read and understood the agreement and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.

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An SEO agreement is tricky as it is difficult to provide clear expectations from the task when things are constantly changing in the SEO sector. But, it is always better to have a signed copy of this document with the parties.

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